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How Mapistry’s EHS Software is Helping Companies Stay Resilient

In the era of COVID-19, the need for resilient EHS software is more important than ever. This blog discusses how Mapistry’s solution helps environmental, health, and safety professionals run smarter, more resilient compliance programs.

The need for more resilient environmental programs has been made apparent in the past decade, but even more so in the era of COVID-19. With a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, complexity is outpacing the bandwidth of compliance staff. As industrial activities proliferate and budgets struggle to keep up, EHS professionals find themselves navigating the confluence of people, technology, science and business – and Mapistry exists at the center of it all. 

Last week, we had the opportunity to dig deeper into the Mapistry environmental compliance platform from the lens of the customer: what makes them resilient to regulatory, operational, and economic forces and what tools do they use to elevate their environmental programs? We discussed the value of customer success in EHS and why having dedicated resources (people) involved in the process of onboarding is crucial.

Our partner US Concrete also emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to supplement and support environmental staff with their exponential challenges in the New Age of EHS Technology.   As we dive into this new era of technology in EHS, it poses the question: what makes Mapistry different, and what does the Mapistry customer look like? 

What Makes Software Work for Companies

At Mapistry, we care about maintaining environmental integrity. Our focus is in enhancing compliance across regulatory areas of stormwater, wastewater, air, SPCC, and hazardous materials – we even support safety and operations. Our goal is not only to ensure environmental compliance, but also, make it easier for EHS and operations professionals to do their jobs.

The software platform allows customers to dig deeper into questions from a risk perspective: how do we design and build systems to be resilient and minimize disruptions?  


Mapistry's all-in-one EHS software solution

Environmental Intelligence: Compliance Data Visibility

Mapistry’s analytics dashboard provides a layer of Environmental Intelligence, or high level of visibility , that allows managers to quickly make improvements and effectively deploy resources. For example, one of our customers, Oldcastle Infrastructure , has digitized its inspections and compliance reporting process with Mapistry. The added visibility is helping them make more informed decisions.

The Mapistry platform is built for the customer and designed by subject matter experts; therefore, being a Mapistry customer allows you to tap into the wealth of knowledge from our team, but also, lean on software to collect organized datasets and provide a direction for improvement. An example of this is with our customer Tesla , who was able to leverage the expertise of the Mapistry team and turn compliance challenges into opportunities.

 EHS analytics dashboards help run smarter, more risk resilient compliance programs  

Customer Success: Ensuring and Measuring What Matters Most to Companies

Data is important – and the environmental compliance data collected and visualized on your site gives you the ability to solve problems faster . This helps avoid the risk of non-compliance and drive efficiency within your team. While it is true that we cannot manage what we don’t measure, the Customer Success element at Mapistry is truly what makes a difference in our relationship with our customers.

Rather than a cookie-cutter onboarding process, our customer relationships are centered around collaborating to elevate environmental programs by establishing success metrics and strategizing ways to accomplish goals. Not only does our customer service ensure success along the way , but we also empower teams to become more self-sufficient. We focus on onboarding, education, and implementation, but also want to provide a lightweight solution that enables the customer to engineer a solution themselves.

In an era that is becoming more and more digital, Mapistry helps build resilience and flexibility for successful businesses. 

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