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In 2019, Oldcastle Infrastructure was adding employees and suppliers at a record pace to fuel growth. They quickly realized they needed a better way to manage their environmental compliance programs and also to scale with their growing business of over 80 manufacturing locations.

One of the biggest challenges faced was limited visibility into compliance activities — this was largely due to the fact that they still relied heavily on outdated processes such as paper inspection forms, compliance binders, and email. In fact, environmental managers often found themselves calling and driving all over to ensure inspections and other requirements were being completed and completed correctly. “I found myself calling, emailing and bugging my guys to figure out if they had done their monthly inspections and other things,” said Todd Ravazza, Northern Californa EHS&S Manager. “I used spreadsheets and calendar reminders to try to track the performance of each sites’ requirements but it was a cumbersome process to manage and I often felt like we were playing catch up,” he added. 

Adding to the challenge of outdated processes and sheer geographic distance, was Oldcastle Infrastructure’s reliance on paper-based processes which frequently required staff to transcribe data electronically after notating it on paper. This process was slow, time-consuming, and they felt like it was wasting valuable time and resources. Not to mention, this manual process made them vulnerable to transcription errors and time delays — which ultimately put them at greater risk of compliance issues like missed inspections or late reports.

The last challenge they faced was not being able to respond quickly or efficiently enough to regulatory changes. For example, when the California state stormwater permit was revised, multiple plans needed small updates to ensure compliance with the new regulations. This posed a daunting task for environmental staff as so much of their stormwater program lived in binders and on paper forms. As a result, environmental managers lost critical time compiling the necessary documents and they often struggled with version control and consistency issues when it came to stormwater plans.

I used spreadsheets and calendar reminders to try to remember each sites requirements, but it was a cumbersome process to manage and I often felt like we were playing catch up.

– Todd Ravazza, EHS&S Manager, Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH company, is an industry leader in engineered building solutions. With over 36 integrated product lines including pipe, precast products, stormwater enclosures and other building materials, Oldcastle Infrastructure designs materials and solutions in an effort to connect communities and improve how the world works.

Oldcastle Infrastructure is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of construction and utility products with 80 manufacturing locations across the U.S.


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3,000+ Employees
80 Facilities Nationwide


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Oldcastle Infrastructure needed better visibility and control over their environmental compliance operations. They partnered with Mapistry to make this possible by deploying a single solution in Northern California to centrally manage and track all their environmental compliance data, documents, tasks and plans. It also provides a rich analytics dashboard, empowering their team with 24/7 visibility and insight into compliance health. “Being an Area Manager, it’s important to have a snapshot view into our environmental compliance activities,” said Todd Ravazza Northern California Area EHS&S Manager. “Mapistry’s software provides us with the reporting and insight we need to stay on top of our requirements from a single dashboard,” he added. 

Now, staff doesn’t need constant phone calls and emails to confirm inspection completion or report submittals, environmental managers can know with confidence that their facilities are completing regulatory requirements.

Additionally, geographic distance no longer creates gaps in communication and efficiency. Team members can use Mapistry to access to the most up-to-date and accurate compliance data anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any smartphone, tablet or computer. This has not only reduced the risk of error, but it has significantly decreased the time and money being spent traveling between facilities shuffling paperwork. 

Mapistry also helps them improve transparency and collaboration among team members by providing them with real-time access to inspection results and corrective actions taken.

“Mapistry helps me keep everyone on the same page,” adds Ravazza, “I’ve got people throughout Northern California involved in pollution prevention operations that I need to engage, train, and track — this is much easier with a software solution.” Additionally, Oldcastle Infrastructure can now tackle regulatory changes with ease. Environmental managers can make quick plan updates, download new versions and upload the revised documents directly into state reporting systems — all from the Mapistry platform. With software in place, Oldcastle Infrastructure is in a much more proactive position to manage their compliance operations and the associated risks — which ultimately improves their business bottom line. 

Mapistry’s software provides us with the reporting and insight we need to stay on
top of our environmental requirements.

– Todd Ravazza, EHS&S Manager, Oldcastle Infrastructure

“Now, geographic distance no longer creates gaps in our communication and efficiency. Because of Mapistry, I can be confident that we are always on track with critical environmental compliance tasks…without having to drive and visit every site.”

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