The New Age of EHS Technology

How U.S. Concrete is Advancing its Environmental and Safety Operations Through Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 crisis and the quickly evolving landscape of risk and compliance has accelerated the pace of technology adoption in EHS programs like never before. Now more than ever, companies need better visibility, insight, and control over their compliance operations — luckily, digital transformation is making this possible. During this webinar, discover how one of North America’s largest concrete producers, U.S. Concrete, is successfully harnessing EHS technology to advance the performance of its environmental and safety operations while reducing compliance risk.

Watch this webinar to hear Mapistry experts and Robert McGehee, Corporate Environmental Compliance Manager at U.S. Concrete, Inc., discuss how EHS technology is helping to break down barriers in compliance management, collaboration, and reporting.  Additionally, learn about:

  • Why businesses are digitizing their EHS compliance operations — from environmental inspections, to corrective actions, safety audits and more
  • How technology transformation is helping mitigate environmental and safety compliance risk
  • Ways to empower disbursed teams with real-time access to field data, tasks, deadlines and critical alerts
  • Strategies to stay connected and ensure accountability for compliance obligations


Robert McGehee, Corporate Environmental Compliance Manager, U.S. Concrete

Robert is an experienced EHS and Regulatory Compliance Professional with 14+ years managing Industrial/Manufacturing facilities, and construction projects. He thrives in roles where complicated regulations combine with complex industrial processes and he’s passionate about producing demand for ingenuity and custom tailored solutions. One of his most notable achievements has been acting as project manager for the design and construction of a 100,000 gallon stormwater pre-treatment and storage system which diverted stormwater to the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant, eliminating discharge to local waterbodies and protecting the organization from fines and legal fees. Robert also has extensive experience navigating compliance obligations, working closely with the following regulatory agencies: OSHA; BAAQMD, CalRecycle, Santa Clara County Environmental Health Department Hazardous Materials Compliance Division, San Jose Environmental Health Department, Monterey County Environmental Health Department, Santa Clara Fire Department, San Jose Fire Department, Watershed Protection Division, San Jose/Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Source Control, and CalEPA.

Ryan Janoch, Founder of Mapistry

Ryan is the founder and COO of Mapistry, an environmental compliance software platform that minimizes risk for the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies. He is a licensed professional engineer with experience in environmental program development and implementation for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers and bulk marine terminals all over the U.S. He has led multi-disciplinary teams to develop new regulations and testing protocols as well as served on a regional air board, state regulatory stormwater committee, and national industry committees. He has an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.

Maya Colato, Head of Customer Success, Mapistry

Maya leads the Mapistry customer success team and is responsible for overseeing everything in a customers journey from onboarding to support to business case reviews. She frequently works with our enterprise clients on product enhancements and customizations and also to define and achieve customers’ success metrics. Maya started at Mapistry in our professional services group focusing on hazardous materials and stormwater before moving into Customer Success.