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Environmental Management & Technology in the Building Materials Industry: Robert McGehee of US Concrete

To build a resilient environmental and safety program, Robert McGehee of US Concrete brought Mapistry software to the entire company. Hear all about his views on program management and his career.

As the National Environmental Manager for US Concrete (NASDAQ: USCR), Robert McGehee leads the environmental management program for hundreds of facilities across the United States. In our Coffee & Compliance webinar, Robert shared his reasons for bringing technology in the form of Mapistry’s compliance platform into US Concrete, including better accountability, transparency, and change management. Maya Colato, Mapistry’s Head of Customer Success, and Robert talked about the need to move beyond paper inspection forms and embrace digital transformation throughout an organization to enable resiliency (e.g. no lost binders or missed inspections). To hear more about Robert’s approach to compliance program and technology plus how to make the business case to operations for compliance software, check out the video:

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