Mapistry Enables Users to Quickly Access A Centralized EHS Program

Learn about Mapistry's latest software release that makes a centralized EHS program even easier to access for all users!

Feature Announcement:

Quicker, Intuitive Access to Your Entire EHS Program

“We heard you!”

Operations, maintenance, and EHS teams overwhelming shared with us that they wanted a more streamlined dashboard and an easier way to complete compliance tasks, access records, and see the environmental data you collected. Our mission is to make environmental compliance easy for everyone from operations to maintenance to EHS teams. To further those shared goals,  we prioritized some small but important navigational improvements to our software. While every site dashboard and widget will still function exactly the same, you’ll notice a streamlined new look to how your info is organized that will help you save even more time finding the info you need at a moment’s notice.

For those of you that are not yet Mapistry customers…why not?!?!.. We want our customers to find real business success with our software. In addition to our world-class customer support, we are active in seeking out feedback from Mapistry users and using that feedback to make impactful improvements to our product. We don’t just want to be “easier to use than other EHS software” – we want to be constantly improving and make staying in compliance as seamless as it can possibly be. We have heard repeatedly from our customer that they chose Mapistry because of the ease of use for not only EHS teams, but the frontline folks often tasked with doing inspections, documenting corrective actions, and collecting samples or logging data. In order to continue raising the bar for EHS software we launched these latest changes to our platform.

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