How AC Transit Stays in Compliance With Industrial Stormwater Permits

AC Transit is a public transit agency in California with five bus maintenance facilities to manage under the California Industrial General Permit (IGP). Mapistry allows AC Transit to quickly see the compliance status of their facilities and to manage sampling, inspections, maps, and SWPPPs in one place. 

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ITRenew Found Simplicity with Mapistry's Monitoring Program

ITRenew, a global e-waste recycler, uses Mapistry software to track inspections and sampling results, and keep their stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and site map updated. They regularly consult with Mapistry's stormwater services group regarding Best Management Practices (BMPs), sampling results, and permit requirements. ITRenew's use of Mapistry was featured in Stormwater Magazine’s June 2016 article on top Modeling and Mapping solutions.

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