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An environmental success story ten years in the making

How we worked our way from making $20 a year to a thriving software company.

Ten years ago, Mapistry started as a niche GIS map builder. Back then, it was just us two founders, armed with a knack for coding (Allie) and a civil engineering degree (Ryan).

It turned out, though, that not many people needed a new GIS map builder. We made $20 a month, for many months.

We pivoted in our second year to focus on software for SWPPPs, which brought our first customers.

Over the years, as we delved deeper into air and water permits, a glaring gap became evident: a heavy reliance on spreadsheets.

Emissions, tasks, due dates—everything was a maze of cells that required constant upkeep and yet, still resulted in fines and lawsuits.

That discovery was our turning point. We reimagined Mapistry as not just as "another EHS tool" but as a solution to spreadsheet chaos:

  • Automating mundane data entry and processing tasks.
  • Giving back time to EHS teams to focus on more valuable work.
  • Removing spreadsheet liabilities from your operation.

We're ready to retire spreadsheets in environmental. If you are, too, let's have a chat.

Allie & Ryan


The secret to better environmental software?
Understanding our customers.

We don’t build software for our customers. We build it with them.


Many companies claim they love their customers, but at Mapistry, we put our customers at the center of everything we do.

From day one, we built a community of environmental leaders to learn about the problems they wanted to solve with software. We didn't want to build Mapistry just for them; we wanted to build it with them.

That's why things like the Mapistry Customer Advisory Board, our Annual Summit, and regular site visits are a big deal for us. They're not just routine – they're everyone's favorite times of the year.

Working on environmental stuff is hands-on for us. We don't just stay in the office; we get out there in the field. It's how we're shaping the future of environmental.

The values that define us

Diversity, grit, environmental impact, teamwork, and embracing our inner geek. They’re at the root of how we work.



We believe that diverse teams are smarter and more resilient. We are more empathetic, inclusive, and effective because of our diverse backgrounds and identities.



We believe that excellence demands grit. Achievements are won by those with stamina, those that have passion and perseverance for long-term goals. We don’t give up.


Environmental Impact

We are a team of environmental enthusiasts and we take pride in helping our customers to better protect the environment and reduce pollution.

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One Team

We believe in collaboration and leaving your ego at the door. Great ideas can come from anyone and we don’t hide anything; we’re candid, authentic, and transparent.



We believe in letting our nerd flag fly! Being geeky means having the curiosity to learn new things and the desire to share your knowledge with others.


“In a high school computer science class, I got my first exposure to what it is like to be the only woman in the room and this experience continued throughout college. Being a startup founder certainly didn’t change these demographics, female founders still represent only a small portion of companies backed by venture capital. These experiences shaped my priorities when building Mapistry’s team. I knew I wanted to build a company where neither myself nor anyone else felt like they were out of place.”

Allie Janoch

CEO & Co-Founder Mapistry

Meet our team

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Allie Janoch

Founder & CEO

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Ryan Janoch

Founder & CRO

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Maya Colato

Chief Customer Officer

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Julia Ballou

Manager of Solutions Engineering

Adam Gooch
Adam Gooch


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Anastasia Kaplina

Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Anthony Nguyen

Customer Success Manager

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Carissa Oseguera

Solutions Engineer

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Brett Jones

Full Stack Engineer

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Lena Henke

Full Stack Engineer

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Suzan Akinyemi

Support Specialist

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Sam Rack

Full Stack Engineer

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Renald Cuko

Customer Success Manager

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