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What’s New at Mapistry – The Environmental Compliance Innovations We’ve Made This Year

This blog takes a quick look back at Mapistry's exciting journey and some of the most exciting product innovations we released this year so far!

This year has been an exciting one for Mapistry — we celebrated our five year anniversary , we ranked among the Top 20 Facility Management solution providers, we continued to rapidly expand our client base of industrial companies, and we made some significant product enhancements.

In this blog, I’ll take a quick look back on our journey and some of the most exciting product innovations we’ve released so far this year! If you are not familiar with Mapistry yet, it all started back in March of 2014, when our founders Allie Janoch, a software engineer and Ryan Janoch, a Professional Civil Engineer came together to solve the expensive and risky challenges associated with environmental compliance in manufacturing.

First, starting with mapping (the namesake of Mapistry), Allie and Ryan set out to revolutionize the way maps were made for industrial facilities. They quickly discovered many other cumbersome tasks involved in the industrial stormwater compliance process which they also set out to solve.

This passion making for environmental compliance easier for industrial companies quickly became the driving force behind Mapistry’s solution and all of the features and functionality we’ve baked into our platform. 

5 years later, not only has our company and client list grown — but Mapistry’s software has also evolved to help our customers stay ahead of changing compliance regulations. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of some of the exciting new features and functionality we’ve released so far this year! 

Air Compliance 

In June of 2018, the Bay Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) passed a new amendment to Regulation 6 to reduce emissions of particulate matter from various commercial and industrial operations with the goal of improving public health. In addition to rolling out common definitions and testing standards, the passed amendments mandate new reporting requirements that increase the scope and frequency of monitoring activities required for bulk material sites — there are approximately 120 facilities that store and handle bulk materials in the Bay Area.  

To help satisfy the new visual emissions and trackout monitoring required in California by Rule 6-1, Rule 6-6 and others, industrial facilities can now utilize Mapistry’s mobile app to conduct monitoring in the field and have all the data flow seamlessly back into the Mapistry platform — no more paper needed! On both the mobile app and platform, users can complete the inspection as well as assign and describe corrective actions in real time.

Wastewater Compliance 

To help our customers defend against increasingly complex and cumbersome wastewater regulations, Mapistry also released a new wastewater module that makes these tasks much easier for staff. Now, wastewater monitoring data can instantly be managed, tabulated and monitored from the convenience of Mapistry’s dashboard.  Additionally, with smart parameters and easy customizations, wastewater permit requirements from all facilities can be easily transferred and articulated, ensuring all your facilities will remain compliant. Users can also benefit from automated and digital operator forms, flow rate, volume capture and real time monitoring of constituents.


Mapistry’s eLearning courses provide rich, high resolution graphics to deliver a realistic and immersive learning experience for our manufacturing customers.  This year, our course library grew. It now includes a variety of stormwater courses, from general awareness, to sampling and spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) Mapistry’s eLearning solution provides individualized training solutions that meet regulatory requirements in addition to providing the necessary awareness to run a healthy industrial environmental compliance program. Our subject matter experts work to design courses that keep the information digestible but actionable to allow staff to master the information and tackle regulations and requirements effortlessly!

Hazardous Materials

Since our release of the Hazardous Materials Suite last year, we have made more enhancements to the way our customers manage their chemical inventory. Now, Mapistry’s chemical inventory log is even easier for staff to use and it eliminates the need to manually calculate units and your daily maximum requirements.

Committed to Innovation

As you can see, even after 5 years Mapistry is still innovating! We’re always listening to customer feedback and leveraging rapid product development cycles to enhance our product  and help our users tackle compliance problems in new areas quickly. Another way we help industrial professionals stay ahead of the curve is through continuous education — whether it’s through our subject matter experts, eLearning courses, our complimentary webinars , or our annual Pollution Prevention Summit.

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