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Mapistry Releases Mobile SSO for Ease and Security on the Go

Learn how Mobile SSO streamlines onboarding, increases site security, and supports product adoption for Mapistry users

Feature Announcement:

Mapistry now offers Single Sign-On (SSO) for Mobile Users

Mapistry continues to improve the onboarding experience and security for users with the added availability of SSO for our mobile app.

We recently sat down with Jared– the developer who brought this feature to life!– to do a little Q&A about mobile SSO and how it can benefit our users. Picture of smiling man in baseball cap with arrow pointing to him labeled "Jared Rohe, Full Stack Developer at Mapistry"

Users can also check out our help guide to learn more about Single Sign-On and how to get started.

Q&A about Mobile SSO

What are the benefits of Mobile SSO?

“Users on the ground don’t have to remember their Mapistry login credentials – they can simply use the same creds they already use every day for work to access Mapistry! It’s simpler and allows for a much faster onboarding and offboarding experience. You won’t hear “I can’t use this app because I can’t log in”!”

How does Mobile SSO work?

“The user simply pulls up their Mapistry mobile app and enters their email address. Mapistry automatically checks to see if their organization has SSO enabled and if so, they will see a button to “Login with SSO”. Once clicking on that button, they can sign in with their normal work login – no more special password to remember specifically for this app. It’s really that simple!”

How do users set up Mobile SSO?

“The same way they get set up for SSO on the web! You can talk to your Customer Success Manager about adding Mobile SSO and then they can kick off the simple process of exchanging metadata between Mapistry and your identity provider (you can get the required metadata from your IT team). We actually have a tool that makes the process super easy!”

Schedule Demo metadata from your IT team). We actually have a tool that makes the 

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