Announcing Mapistry’s Latest eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Proactive EHS

Find out why timely and accurate data management is becoming the most essential EHS strategy for proactively preventing risk and driving efficiency.

I’m excited to announce the release of Mapistry’s newest eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Proactive EHS This 15-page PDF dives deep into how to establish and maintain an effective EHS compliance program by focusing on the key to sustainability – good data management.

Throughout the book, you’ll get insight into not only what defines “good data management”, but also the steps you can take to diagnose and improve your own compliance program. Additionally, if you are wondering whether now is the time to make improvements to the way you manage data, this eBook looks at the broader industry trends that are impacting EHS professionals.  You’ll learn:

  • How to analyze the effectiveness of your program with a data-driven eye
  • How to find gaps in compliance that could be improved through better data solutions
  • How to implement best practices for data capture and analysis

And much more! Download the ebook today to start getting a handle on your EHS data.

Download the ebook Plus, if you missed our EHS Masterclass last week, you can see our in-house compliance experts Courtney and Ryan digging into these ideas in the on-demand recording!

Watch the Recording

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