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Mapistry Receives the 2021 SEAL Award: Dedicated People and Products – A Winning Combination

Mapistry is recognized for paving the way for a sustainable future with innovative solutions for environmental compliance.

Our team at Mapistry is proud to have been awarded the 2021 Seal Sustainable Product Award . Each year, the SEAL Awards recognize the 50 Most Sustainable Companies in the world for their contributions to impactful and innovative environmental initiatives. 

As one of only 22 companies recognized for the SEAL Sustainable Product Award, Mapistry EHS software represents products that are “purpose-built” for a sustainable future . Our impact is critical to large industrial and manufacturing companies in reaching their corporate sustainability initiatives.

“We are extremely proud and grateful for the SEAL Awards’ recognition. Mapistry’s mission is to fuel a sustainable economy by empowering organizations to make intelligent environmental and safety decisions. In 2021, we were able to help over 2k facilities environmental and safety programs become a source of employee pride, customer trust, and investor confidence.” – Allie, CEO/Cofounder of Mapistry 

The path to reducing climate impact and pollution starts with a comprehensive sustainability plan. Corporate leaders are unable to effectively focus their time and budget toward sustainable change without insight into the company’s environmental impact and regulatory shortcomings. Furthermore, the course of change is driven by investors, regulators, and public demand. This means companies need a comprehensive means to track and prove quantitative progress.

Unfortunately, most companies track mandated inspections through a system of pencil whipping paper forms into stacks of outdated binders. Essential data is siloed in documents, spreadsheets, ERP systems, and buried in pdf lab reports and utility bills across several plant locations. Key stakeholders simply don’t have real-time access to analytics necessary to answer simple questions such as:

  • Are we meeting basic regulatory requirements? 
  • What are our most significant sources of emissions? 
  • How much water are we using, and from where does that water come? 
  • How much are we recycling?
  • How much CO2 are we producing? Did it go up or down this year?

This is where Mapistry provides an intuitive and accessible solution through digitization and centralization of every aspect of an industrial company’s environmental program. Through our tools and support team, companies have a complete system of record for all their environmental data including: environmental compliance, pollution prevention, and sustainability. 

“Sustainability is a hot topic.  For it to be more than just a phrase, companies need to give their frontline workers the right tools to easily capture the data for sustainability metrics, reporting, and planning. We are focused on empowering frontline personnel with our mobile app and executives with the right analytical tools.” – Allie, CEO/Cofounder of Mapistry 

Site staff can enter emissions data, update map locations, post safety protocols, and actively track corrective actions and task completion in a single platform. Most importantly the data collected automatically is integrated into Mapistry to minimize the need for manual data entry.

This promotes accountability and provides critical information in real-time to key decision-makers at every level of the organization. Automation and clear data empower team leaders to focus more energy on ways their company can reduce pollution, emissions, and other environmental impacts. Mapistry is the Business Intelligence solution for EHS teams.

Learn more about Mapistry’s contributions to sustainability efforts → 2021 Review: Embracing the Details, Community, and Innovation in EHS Software

While companies in various industries use Mapistry, approximately half of our customers specialize in cement and concrete. These industries represent a remarkable 8% of global emissions. Empowering leaders in these industries to understand their massive emissions impact through accurate data collection and assessment is a critical step toward environmental sustainability.

Mapistry is honored and excited to partner with many of the top concrete companies in the US and other Fortune 500 companies to help them on their journey to net-zero. Our team is committed to moving the world forward with innovative and sustainable environmental compliance solutions.

“Our team is geeky, gritty, and diverse and looking to make a giant impact on the environment. This award is a reflection of all of them!” – Allie, CEO/Cofounder of Mapistry 

We’re more than EHS technology driving success for sustainable companies. We equip industrial leaders with access to education and analytics to continuously reinforce and strengthen the quality of their compliance programs.

If you’re ready to help fuel a sustainable economy by empowering organizations to make intelligent environmental and safety decisions, you can join our team and be part of the sustainability solution.

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