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Mapistry’s Onboarding Process Gets Even Easier with Automatic User Provisioning

Learn how automated user provisioning streamlines onboarding, increases site security, and supports product adoption for Mapistry users

Feature Announcement:

Mapistry improves site security and streamlines user management

Following the announcement of Mapistry’s new Single Sign-On (SSO) capability , we continue to make strides towards the goal of creating a frictionless onboarding experience for users across all levels of an organization.

For companies struggling with the difficult task of onboarding site users across multiple facilities and encouraging the adoption of new technologies to support previously established EHS processes, Automated User Provisioning can help.

With AUP, an entire organization’s many users can be quickly added to individual site dashboards. Because the process is automated, users can be added, edited, or removed in seconds with no need for manual oversight.

AUP enhances the user experience dramatically and ensures proper site security and user management is streamlined so that admins can rest easy knowing that onboarding will not be a roadblock for their businesses’ digital transformation.

Benefits of Automated User Provisioning

  • Less manual entry and minimal IT involvement 
  • Complete insight into access for ultimate security
  • Simplified onboarding and offboarding experience

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