Customizing Mapistry Forms to Help Maximize Health & Safety

Learn how Mapistry's inspection forms can be customized to maximize health and safety within your facility.

For many years, our passion here at Mapistry has stayed true to assisting environmental compliance programs across the nation. However, tracking the on-time completions of inspection forms and tasks are not unique to just environmental compliance teams. In fact, high inspection completion rates and short task lifecycles are two powerful key performance indicators that can be leveraged for other internal goals, such as, minimizing health and safety risks.

Thus, to expand the benefits of digital tracking and empower Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) teams, Mapistry is excited to announce our newest feature, the ability to build fully customizable inspection forms With this new capability, organizations are able to witness the digitization of any internal forms, track their completion rates, and keep a record of follow-up tasks and corrective actions all on Mapistry! Furthermore, ensuring this information is all safely stored in one platform allows for an analysis of trends and issues within the organization.

With Work From Home (WFH) and the increased need to connect staff at a site with EHS staff across the region or nation having a platform to collaborate on regarding key EHS data and insights is now more important than ever. Knowing where the problem areas might lie by looking at corrective actions empowers EHS teams with opportunities to organize an efficient plan of action and decrease risks throughout their sites.

In order to see your own forms and ideas come to life, the process is simple:

  1. Send an example of your form or workflow to the Mapistry team and highlight the sites within your organization you would like to include.

  2. Have a discussion with your Mapistry Customer Success Manager (CSM) on what key questions and logic you would like to see on Mapistry. Your CSM will also be able to gather your feedback on digital drafts, PDF outputs, and give you an estimation of time-to-launch.

  3. Confirm all major edits with your CSM and start using your new form on Mapistry!

  4. Use your Analytics dashboard to analyze completion rates and tasks.

What I personally love the most about this new feature is that there are little to no limitations on how you would like this custom form to behave and report. For example, we currently have EHS teams that have created general daily compliance logs to help sites keep on top of any known environmental or safety compliance problem areas. While other EHS teams have used this capability for COVID-19 preparation logs, monthly safety audit reports, and four-in-one incident reports. Each form’s questions, PDF output, and behavior is unique to their respective organization’s needs, and yet, they all provide essential information such as which inspection area is requiring the most attention and follow-up. Each form has played a vital role in the overall health pulse of their facilities from environmental to health & safety.

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