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Mapistry Launches New EHS Mobile App

Mapistry is excited to announce the launch of their new EHS mobile app to enable transparency and compliance accountability across a company.

Mapistry empowers industrial EHS teams through the digital transition and transformation. Our goal is to streamline inspections and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Using the Mapistry Mobile App, EHS teams can increase inspection completion rates and improve site awareness.

With industry demand for mobile inspections compounded by the need for remote tools during the pandemic, Mapistry redesigned the mobile app to be more accessible, user-friendly, and with more capabilities.  In the recent rollout of the new mobile app, we are excited to announce the following upgrades:

  • Task creation including subtasks and ad-hoc tasks to support corrective actions

  • Site-specific dashboard with a compliance calendar to organize inspections

  • Improved speed, navigability, and offline capabilities

Why Mobile, Why Now ?  

Inspections are required by regulatory agencies and are critical in determining the integrity of your facility’s environmental compliance program. When they are conducted on mobile devices, it reduces the time and difficulty of completion.

Regardless of whether your site has a facility manager who adopted EHS as one of their responsibilities or contains personnel focused specifically on environmental compliance, digital inspections support organization and delegation of tasks.

For leadership, these inspections form the basis of their EHS intelligence and insights so making them easy for field teams is critical to quickly get accurate data and mitigate the risk of compliance gaps.

The Mapistry EHS mobile app upgrade allows users to connect the interrelated challenges of EHS by creating tasks (including subtasks and ad-hoc tasks) of items that may not be tied to the specific type of inspection.

For example, a user might identify a safety issue while conducting an environmental inspection; with the ability to create subtasks, they can assign the safety issue to the appropriate person for tracking and completion.

The ability to create and assign users to corrective actions through tasks supports delegation and improves EHS compliance. Corrective actions are crucial in protecting compliance programs from legal and financial risks. With the new mobile app, management is able to see a quick view of “recently completed” tasks within an inspection, which supports accountability. 

Mapistry also provides the ability to efficiently conduct multiple inspections in any order by whoever is assigned to the inspection(s). A user can search for any site, supporting better management and greater transparency. Visibility is also managed through a mobile compliance calendar, which now mirrors the web dashboard with calendar widgets for inspections; this allows site users to quickly and easily navigate to inspections with pre-populated templates.


The new mobile app enables inspections to be completed in online or offline modes. With Mapistry’s offline inspections , facility staff can capture information in remote locations on their sites and remove data gaps. The user can download form templates onto the devices app so that they can access inspections in offline mode when losing service.

The upgrades will also allow users to take just the app itself into “offline mode” when service is spotty. This eliminates loading errors while simultaneously allowing the user to receive texts, emails and calls when they have service.

Mobility with Mapistry 

The mobile app empowers site personnel by streamlining complex environmental inspections into step-by-step forms. It is intuitive, showing green check marks next to sections and letting users know when sections have been completed so that you never miss an inspection task. Regardless of cell/internet connectivity, multiple forms can be completed and seamlessly integrated with the main Mapistry platform. Inspection activity is automatically communicated back to management, allowing for cohesion and consistency. 

More and more, we experience management teams who are motivated to adopt mobile-first inspections to increase visibility and improve communication. Over the years, our team has worked towards continuous improvement in the design, usability, and features within the mobile app.

The upgrades to Mapistry’s EHS Mobile App are made possible from boots-on-the-ground feedback: our customers. We design what is most useful and leverage our in-house environmental experts to create the tools that will support the comprehensive health of your EHS program. 

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