How to Successfully Roll Out EHS Software

Want to successfully roll out EHS compliance software for your team? Here's how digital transformation with EHS software solutions works.

EHS compliance software is all the rage in modern businesses, with every industry looking to implement impactful digital transformation initiatives. Finding the best EHS software is only the beginning because you also have to onboard your organization. If you’ve already decided to start digitizing your program but want more information on how to do it successfully, check out our latest Coffee & Compliance webinar, where we talked to one of our amazing CSMs to discuss what that transition looks like.

The Customer Experience Breakdown

The onboarding experience can make or break your implementation success because a team that doesn’t know how to use a tool will eventually resort to their old processes. Two keys to a successful digital transformation with EHS compliance software are good Customer Success Managers and good Solutions Engineers. A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your go-to person responsible for ensuring success throughout your journey, from onboarding to continued support after implementation. A Solutions Engineer (SE) is the person who knows the nitty-gritty details of the software’s capabilities and how to tailor the product to meet your unique needs.

Good CSMs will…

  • Get feedback from different users early on
  • Develop custom training opportunities tailored to unique users
  • Understand your business goals and regularly review your data to make sure you’re on track
  • Establish a clear and timely roll-out plan by taking into account your current roadblocks and creating implementation milestones
  • Show a deep understanding of industry trends and how they can affect your organization’s compliance

Good SEs will…

  • Create prototypes of their solutions and use your feedback to create a final version
  • Make suggestions based on the insight they have developed working with similar businesses
  • Use data to prioritize problems and create efficient solutions
  • Know how to develop solutions that scale to ensure ongoing product usability as your business grows
  • Show deep knowledge of industry problems so they can create a solution that works for your specific goals

The Top 3 Roadblocks of Digital Transformation for EHS Compliance Programs

Implementing new processes can be challenging even if the new process will be easier and more beneficial in the long run. Fortunately, a good CX team will be able to make the transition as painless as possible. 

1. Gathering Documents

If you rely on traditional processes like paper forms or spreadsheets, consolidating that data can take time. A good CX team will be well-equipped to help you gather and upload all required documents and make it as painless as possible.

2. Technology Adoption

Some employees might have difficulty adapting to digital processes. Your software should be simple to use and include customized training to show individuals how they can use different tools to accomplish their tasks.

3. Using Data Effectively

Things like pencil-whipping or missed corrective actions can create gaps in compliance. A highly specialized CX team will know how to find those gaps and will train you on how to develop insights that align with your business goals.

Questions to ask a vendor when searching for your perfect EHS software solution

So, how can you see the quality of a company’s customer journey before signing that annual contract? By asking questions like these during the sales process, you can find out if a software vendor actually values their customers’ success:

  • What is your average time to adopt for similar companies?
  • What is your average inspection completion rate after implementation?
  • What are your average task creation and completion rates after implementation?
  • How often would I meet with my CSM during and after onboarding?
  • Does your CX team generally have industry experience?
  • How would your CSM work with our different departments and locations?

Want to learn more? 

  • If you want to learn more about the best answers to expect from these questions, catch the full webinar replay here!
  • Interested in seeing how we help our customers succeed? Check out our collection of customer stories here!

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