New Analytics Dashboard: Active Inspections Monitoring

Announcing our latest analytics dashboard– the Active Inspections Monitoring tool grants you visibility into inspections like never before!

Feature Announcement:

Mapistry’s Newest Dashboard Gives Ultimate Visibility into Form Responses

With our newest dashboard release, users can now get visibility into all of their inspection responses on one simple dashboard so they can catch reoccurring risks in real-time and correct them before they lead to a violation.

What does it do?

Environmental managers can now see all of the form responses from each site aggregated into a simple widget on the dashboard. With this new custom dashboard, you can quickly see all inspections and find issues rather than going back through each inspection form to check over the responses for anomalies. This saves users a ton of time and surfaces issues quickly by allowing managers to spot inconsistencies in the form responses, whether they be from an inspection, an observation, or something else. 

What are the benefits?

Not only does this save users a ton of time and surfaces issues quickly to allow them to correct issues, but it lets leaders turn qualitative data into actionable data. Forget sifting through spreadsheets or individual form responses to find reoccurring issues – simply see every potential concern in a visual, easy-to-use dashboard.

Who has access?

This feature is available for sites with access to our Enterprise Package – which includes custom analytics dashboards. If you’d like more information on setting up your custom Active Inspections Monitoring dashboard, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

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