The Do’s and Don’ts of Water Permit Compliance

Hear Diane Rosseter, Sr. Environmental Consultant at Georgia-Pacific, give expert insights into overcoming the biggest challenges of storm and wastewater compliance and building a successful program.

During last week’s edition of Coffee & Compliance, we were excited to chat with Diane Rosseter, Georgia-Pacific’s Senior Environmental Consultant, about the do’s and don’ts of storm- and wastewater sampling.

During this deep dive (pun intended) into water compliance, we tackled everything from building a successful water compliance program to evolving trends in permit requirements. With over 20 years of environmental consulting experience, Diane was able to share these need-to-know insights as an established water quality expert:

Top Challenges of Water Compliance

  1. Workforce turnover (Not just at the facility level – regulators too!)
  2. Emerging contaminants cycle into permits as they come up for renewal.
  3. Increase in requests for virtual inspections and digitized documentation.

Best Practices for Water Compliance

  1. Do everything you can to eliminate data siloes. You should streamline your systems with integrations so your data is visible.
  2. Establish efficient systems for training to combat the compliance gaps caused by workforce turnover.
  3. Enable your people with the tools they need. Listen to the folks at the facility and find 1-2 systems that work across the company so teams can support each other.

Catch the full recording to hear more about developing the perfect water compliance program that reflects the current trends in water permits.

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