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Why Environmental Management Matters for Industry: Kacy Vance, CalPortland

Environmental management is integral to responsible industry! Technology makes EHS tasks more efficient & improves environmental compliance.

Mapistry had the chance to sit down with Kacy Vance, the Environmental Manager at CalPortland. Kacy shared her career path in environmental management and consulting, and discussed the top environmental compliance challenges that pushed her team to pilot a digital initiative with Mapistry.  In the webinar, Kacy shared the importance of environmental management within industry and the tools that have helped her along the way! The mobile-friendly software is particularly useful for Kacy, who needs to record and share complex information to other teams. Although she is a one-woman show for environmental at her facility,  she is an expert.

With more than 20 years of experience in environmental compliance, permitting, site auditing, sampling, and remediation projects, Kacy uses her breadth of experience as a former environmental consultant to keep the plant in compliance with all of its environmental requirements. With someone as knowledgeable as Kacy using a tool like Mapistry to increase inspection efficiency, CalPortland is less likely to be at risk for any noncompliance; digitization also allows the entire team to focus on challenges and improve over time. Compliance is growing increasingly complex and outpacing the bandwidth of staff on-site; therefore, we see a shift to digitize environmental compliance for industry. CalPortland’s motivation for piloting Mapistry was to improve inspections and find time savings. Moving from paper to digital has been a huge success for Kacy, as she is able to focus on her role and never be stressed about upcoming inspections and sorting through paperwork. 

Kacy highlighted different aspects of why environmental management is important for industry, but also, why it is important to her. She is passionate about solving the problems we create for ourselves in the industrial space and driven to preserve environmental integrity. 

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