Tips to Succeed Managing Enterprise Haz Materials with Jordan Bottorff of Pacific Ethanol

Essential tips to mastering hazardous materials compliance from Pacific Ethanol's Jordan Bottorf.

During our Coffee & Compliance Webinar with Jordan Bottorff of Pacific Ethanol, she shared essential tips to ensuring hazardous materials compliance in California! Jordan is the Environmental Manager at Pacific Ethanol, where she oversees all areas of environmental compliance. Prior to working at Pacific Ethanol, Jordan worked in the compliance and enforcement department at the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in addition to working as an environmental consultant.

With this unique set of experiences as both a regulator and industry environmental manager, she shed some light on best practices around regulatory interactions and chemical acceptance management.

Key Highlights

  • Spend time explaining your operations to regulators so you can form partnerships and they will help you out when you have questions or need a little leniency (“we are all human”)

  • Pilot projects involving changing reportable chemicals need their own process to ensure regulatory requirements for haz materials are met

  • Production activities can trump compliance activities so staff engagement and having backups is key





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