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The Impacts of EHS Software on the Building Materials Industry with Tina Lau of Lehigh Hanson

Hear Tina Lau, Area Environmental & Land Manager for Lehigh Hanson, a leading construction materials company, shares exclusive insights and tips for building and running a successful EHS program with an innovative use of technology.

This week we had the pleasure of talking to Tina Lau, an Area Environmental and Land Manager at Lehigh Hanson, about the impact of EHS software on the building materials industry.

Tina has worked in the environmental field in the mining and construction materials industry for about 18 years, and she currently manages 14 facilities in the Bay Area. During the webinar, Tina shared her insights on managing environmental compliance for multiple facilities, engaging key stakeholders, and creating transparency throughout the organization.

Tina shared how Mapistry has allowed her to move away from color-coding binders and sifting through papers, to quickly identifying and addressing incomplete inspections. When it comes to engaging key stakeholders, Tina has a saying, “I’m not the police, I’m a bodyguard. I am here to protect the company.”

She provides her teams with the tools and knowledge to identify issues and escalate them appropriately. Finally, having everything in one place on Mapistry allows Tina to show her team what other sites are doing, which creates transparency across the company.  

Watch the full video to hear the entire conversation!

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