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Oldcastle Infrastructure Drives Innovation with its Environmental Compliance Program

Read more about how Oldcastle Infrastructure is taking its environmental compliance program to the next level using Mapistry software.

As one of North America’s largest building materials companies, Oldcastle Infrastructure is always looking for new and innovative solutions to solve operational and environmental challenges. In an increasingly complex world of environmental compliance, they partnered with Mapistry to embrace digital transformation as a way to make staff more efficient, lower risk and decrease operational costs.

In 2019, Oldcastle Infrastructure was adding employees and suppliers at a record pace to fuel growth. They quickly realized they needed a better way to manage their environmental compliance programs and also to scale with their growing business of over 80 manufacturing locations. One of the biggest challenges faced was limited visibility into compliance activities — this was largely due to the fact that they still relied heavily on outdated processes such as paper forms, binders, and email. “I found myself calling, emailing and bugging my guys to figure out if they had done their monthly inspections and other things. I used spreadsheets and calendar reminders to try to remember each sites requirements but it was a cumbersome process to manage and I often felt like we were playing catch up,” said Todd Ravazza Oldcastle Infrastructure EHS&S Manager and award recipient for environmental excellence at 2019 Pollution Prevention Summit.

To gain visibility into and more actively manage its environmental compliance program across geographic locations, Oldcastle Infrastructure teamed up with Mapistry. They deployed our environmental compliance platform in Northern California to centrally manage and track all their compliance data and documents from a single online dashboard and to get 24/7 visibility and insight into their compliance health.

Oldcaslte Infrastructure Metro Project

After transitioning away from paper-based processes to digital recording and tracking, the team immediately noticed the difference. Instead of paper shuffling, staff now digitally log inspections, corrective actions, and can monitor performance across facilities. No more phone calls and emails to facility staff to confirm inspection competition or report submittals. This has greatly improved team collaboration, accountability, and now they know with confidence that their environmental compliance requirements are being met.

Additionally, Oldcastle Infrastructure is better equipped to manage regulatory changes. When the California stormwater permit changed, environmental managers were challenged to make the necessary updates, efficiently, while also ensuring version control and overall compliance with new regulations. Mapistry allows them to use a simple digital interface to revise and rollout the new stormwwater plans as well as quickly to upload the revised documents into the state reporting system.

The Oldcastle Infrastructure team understood the emerging risks in environmental compliance. By partnering with Mapistry, Oldcastle Infrastructure is now building a smarter and stronger environmental compliance program.

Learn more about Oldcastle Infrastructure’s journey to Mapistry by downloading the full success story here.

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