Lessons in Environmental Management for the Waste Industry

During times of crisis and uncertainty, it's more critical than ever for environmental leaders to increase resiliency and manage risk. Learn how U.S. recycling and solid waste industry leader, Republic Services is surviving and thriving at this time in our recent webinar with Antonia Gunner, Environmental Manager for Republic Services.

With a shift from being able to walk a facility and “have a chat about a container” to working remotely, Antonia Gunner of Republic Services shared her lessons as an Environmental Manager during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In the waste industry she is managing everything from hauling yards to material recovery facilities (MRFs) to landfills each with their own specific needs. For example, she highlighted that hazardous waste management can be easier on a hauling yard where maintenance on vehicles is occurring regularly so labels and days stored on site are checked regularly. However, for a transfer station the accumulation of waste can take longer and with the less frequent use of containers, labeling and storage days are more an area of emphasis for environmental managers. In light of COVID-19, Antonia talked about the reduction (or elimination) in paper forms and how digital systems of record, such as Mapistry, enable her to see inspections , assign tasks and communicate safely. 

See our full conversation webinar with Antonia in the video below! Also, if you would like to hear from more EHS experts like Antonia, check out our upcoming Coffee and Compliance webinars here.


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