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Leaders from Recology and Oldcastle Infrastructure joined us this week to share how they are approaching environmental compliance during these unprecedented times. As they are both Mapistry customers and leaders in their fields, we asked them to give the community some insights into how they are handling COVID-19 internally and balancing regulatory requirements and operational constraints. Amy Dietz, Director of Environmental Compliance for Recology, and Todd Ravazza, EHSS Manager for Oldcastle Infrastructure, dove into how this has changed their working environment, day-to-day activities, and driven technology adoption faster than before.

As essential businesses, they both had to support their ongoing operations even in the face of stay at home orders and shelter in place. For Recology, their waste management, material recovery, and composting functions are an essential part of both residential and commercial operations. For Oldcastle, their products are used by public utilities from electrical vaults to the water and sewer sectors, which means they are the upstream providers for critical infrastructure. Because both companies provide critical services, they have needed to strike a delicate balance between workplace health, delivering day-to-day services, and keeping up with on-site compliance activities, such as spill response, inspections, and sampling.

Both Recology and Oldcastle have been using digital inspection apps and other compliance management tools to help them monitor, maintain, and get insights on the compliance health of their facilities without having to travel on site. Video conferencing and video assessments (e.g. a facility manager video calls environmental staff on site standing in front of an issue) have grown rapidly in popularity with their teams. Oldcastle has been able to use the Mapistry platform and mobile app to drive both facility and remote team productivity as Todd mentioned “we do things with our smartphones, and we are working to speed up app adoption across our team.” His tactic recently for paper based tasks has been to limit it to one person rather than four to reduce potential spread of the virus. Digital inspections easily overcome a hurdle that paper forms cannot and cut the time in half, because with paper it is restricted to only one person now and they have to scan it, send it via email or put it onto a shared drive.

Even with the rapid changes, environmental leaders are forced to stay incredibly organized with exceptions to current policies and permits due to COVID-19 and document regulatory communications. For Oldcastle, it means documenting new processes and procedures and making sure everyone has them. Recology has been out ahead of shifting conditions by proactively reaching out to regulatory agencies. As both Todd and Amy shared, developing relationships with regulators is key along with being clear in communication and documenting all changes, exceptions, and variations due to COVID-19.

In summary, both environmental leaders shared their key takeaways:

  • Document changes and exception
  • Communicate – internally, externally and throughout your network
  • Be nimble and constantly adapting
  • Be compassionate and empathetic

We are proud to partner with both Oldcastle and Recology and work with dynamic leaders such as Amy and Todd. They are a big part of what makes our community so great, the willingness to share amongst each other.

More about the Mapistry use case

Mapistry is a digital system of record to document environmental, operational, and safety protocols. It provides a nimble digital system to comply with environmental regulations under dynamic conditions with clear accountability and insights for the entire team.

Using Mapistry for inspections and corrective actions, facilities are able to:

  • Eliminate paperwork to reduce cross contamination
  • Connecting facility workers with the home office
  • Enabling environmental and EHS managers to catch things on the fly


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