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Environmental Compliance Challenges in Concrete Manufacturing: Josh Neff, Folsom Ready Mix

Solve environmental compliance challenges by creating higher standards for documenting and reporting. Embrace software tools for efficiency.

We had the chance to hear from Josh Neff, the VP of Operations at Folsom Ready Mix. As someone who built his career within the industry, Josh shared how his different experiences and roles exposed him to many types of business functions. Key lessons, like being prepared, staying on top of documentation, and being aware of changes to laws and regulations were learned as a result of Josh’s experience. This perspective has provided Josh with a greater understanding of how things work operationally, and where adjustments can be made to improve processes.  

One of the changes he made within Folsom was the adoption of Mapistry, which is currently used to bring consistency and organization to their compliance program. From an operational standpoint, Josh quickly saw the advantages of using mobile tools for faster inspections and greater accountability. Some of the biggest compliance challenges within concrete manufacturing include documentation, which can be solved through digitization. Folsom taps into the tools provided by Mapistry and the support staff to add another level of coverage when dealing with compliance.

In order to create a stronger EHS program, Josh left us with three c’s: commitment, communication, and consistency. Commit to the process you are putting in place and continue to evaluate its effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to adjust and change course if needed. Communicate the desired outcomes across the chain of command so that everyone understands the “why” with regards to the reasons behind implementation. Make sure that processes are followed and consistent, such as on-time monthly inspections or maintaining consistency in how things are documented and addressed. 

Josh believes that with the three c’s of commitment, communication, and consistency, along with the right tools for the team, is key for the development of a compliance-minded culture.

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