EHS in the Transportation Industry – Jerry Bailey, Apex Logistics

Jerry Bailey, an EHS Manager at Apex Logistics, shares how Mapistry's software helps him engage key stakeholders, stay on top of tasks, and customize COVID 19 plans.

This week on Coffee and Compliance, we had the opportunity to chat with Jerry Bailey, an Environmental Health & Safety Manager at Apex Logistics, about EHS in the Transportation Industry. As a Mapistry customer, Jerry shared how he relies on the software to engage key stakeholders, stay on top of tasks, and customize COVID 19 plans.

Jerry believes that it is essential to be honest and upfront in order to keep key stakeholders engaged. He shared how Mapistry’s dashboards make it easy for him to show management how his facilities are performing and highlight any shortcomings. Understanding the areas that need improving allows Jerry to focus on finding solutions.

When it comes to staying on top of tasks, Jerry relies heavily on Mapistry’s reminders, so nothing slips through the cracks. The ability to assign other users Tasks helps Jerry identify and address issues as they come up at his facilities. At the same time, Mapistry’s analytics dashboard allows Jerry to track task completion rates and monitor task assignments. 

Finally, Jerry shared how Mapistry’s COVID Plan Builder helped him create custom plans for each of his facilities. Mapistry’s COVID Plan Builder allows users to update procedures as CDC and OSHA requirements change.

We also wanted to share some additional tips from Courtney, Mapistry’s Director of Compliance Solutions, on how EHS professionals can engage non-EHS stakeholders. Tips for non-EHS engagements

  1. Create Visibility. Make it easy for every employee to know the right thing to do, from signage (e.g., no dumping), to the bright yellow spill kits, to posters in the break room.  

  2. Promote Good Housekeeping. A well-kept facility sends a loud unspoken message that quality is valued. Keeping areas clean means fewer tripping hazards, less opportunity to discharge a pollutant. 

  3. Talk About It- Not just the problems. Talk about what is working; highlight operations that are getting it right. Look for opportunities in every meeting to promote good EHS habits. 

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