Leadership Best Practices with Tesla’s EHS Expert, Mary Jo Press

Tesla's Mary Jo Press detailed her strategies to promote EHS career and leadership development during a recent Coffee and Compliance webinar!

Last week we kicked off our new weekly webinar series, Coffee and Compliance with Mary Jo Press! As the Senior Staff Program Manager Global Safety Center of Excellence, Mary Jo brings over 25 years of EHS experience to the table.

In her current role she is responsible for developing best practices, providing guidance and elevating the EHS culture for all Tesla divisions. During the webinar Mary Jo unveiled her strategies to promote personal growth and tips to help successfully lead your team. This blog will recap the highlights, you can also access the full webinar recording here

Key Takeaways: 

  • Develop policies that have flexibility and are results oriented, rather than items completed on a checklist to build an inclusive team that awards results.

  • Pick leadership roles that you’re excited and passionate about.

  • Leadership doesn’t always mean you are leading a team – it can be choosing to be someone others want to follow sometimes without the title or stature. Utilize subservient leadership to grow yourself and your team.

  • Learn from your peers, and don’t be afraid to borrow and share successful leadership tactics from others!

To hear from more EHS experts like Mary Jo Press, register for our upcoming Coffee and Compliance webinars!  






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