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The Biden Administration’s Impact on Air Compliance with Darrin Gambelin

Darrin Gamplelin, an Environmental Attorney for the Downey Brand, shares his insights about the changes to air compliance regulations that facilities should expect during the Biden Administration.

This week Darrin Gamblin, an Environmental Attorney at the Downey Brand, joined us on Coffee and Compliance to talk about the Biden Administration’s impact on air compliance. During our conversation, Darrin walked us through some of the changes we saw during the Trump Administration.

Although it seemed like the Trump Administration made significant changes to environmental policies, the administration rolled back relatively few regulations. Instead, Darrin said, the Trump Administration introduced a substantial amount of air permitting guidance, which he expects the Biden Administration to review and potentially rollback.

With the new Biden Administration’s whole government approach, which looks at climate regulations from many different angles, Darrin believes there will be a focus on individual facilities, especially facilities located in disadvantaged communities. He thinks this scrutiny could lead to increased enforcement by agencies.

Darrin warns that it is becoming more critical than ever for facilities to maintain compliance because any problems a facility can have will be more visible than in the past.

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