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Air Compliance Regulatory Trends and Best Practices with Melisa Cohen of AB&I Foundry

Air compliance yesterday, today and tomorrow with Melisa Cohen of AB&I Foundry!

Last week during Coffee and Compliance, EHS veteran Melisa Cohen discussed air compliance regulatory trends and tips to succeed in the ever changing landscape.

Melisa Cohen has worked in environmental compliance for over 20 years lending her experience to a number of heavy industries including rocket motor manufacturing, wood treatment, waste management as well as scrap metal recycling. Today, she is the Environmental Manager at AB&I Foundry in Oakland, California where she oversees all environmental media including air compliance. During the webinar, Melisa used her years of experience to talk retrospectively about air compliance in addition to sharing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Air compliance has come a long way, years ago we didn’t know to monitor air quality or how.
  • Today, new technologies have driven regulations forward. For example monitoring protocols have become more sophisticated and sensitive, lowering permit limits. Plus remote monitoring tools like Aclima are begining to take testing and reporting to the next level.
  • Communities surrounding your facility are becoming more vocal and engaged, working with them is key to achieving success.
  • Because so much of compliance is self reported, regulators are beginning to dig into the paperwork more than ever.
  • If your environmental team isn’t running efficiently, you can’t run your business! The impacts of noncompliance are too great.
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