SPCC Suite 

Oil pollution prevention for the digital age

SPCC compliance has never been easier

Capture, manage, and track SPCC compliance with ease

Amidst increasingly complex and cumbersome Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations, facilities are under pressure to take their compliance programs to the next level to mitigate risks and reduce costs. Mapistry is helping facilities tackle this challenge with ease. Our solutions ensure compliance with federal regulations using a single dashboard to centrally manage all SPCC control and prevention measures.

Reduce legal risk

Never miss an SPCC requirement

With Mapistry, ensure the integrity of your oil storage containers, oil-filled equipment and all associated piping and valves. It reminds you when inspections are due and allows you to keep all of your records in one easy to access and centrally located software platform.

Operational controls

Use our simple interface to easily develop spill prevention plans procedures including maintenance, inventory logs, and facility maps

Inspection program

Design and implement implement your inspection schedule for storage containers

Integrity testing

Complete mandatory integrity evaluations through actionable forms and quickly analyze historical data to determine if containers need to be replaced


Discover the breakthrough tools manufacturing leaders are using to ensure continuous compliance across all their job sites


Faster, more accurate digital inspection logs to cover all your industrial environmental compliance needs including SWPPP, SPCC, HMBP, etc.

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Plan Builder

Simple checklists and intuitive design guides you through permitting legal requirements with ease

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Intelligent Mapping

Unlimited mapping capabilities to cover all your compliance needs including stormwater (SWPPP), spill plans (SPCC), evacuation routes, fire extinguisher locations, Haz Materials (HMBP) maps

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Centralized Workflow

Effortlessly capture, manage, and track all stages of the compliance lifecycle

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Automatically store all documentation, build a complete audit trail for future review and analysis

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Monitoring & Alerts

Proactive monitoring, alerts and notifications to keep stakeholders informed of progress or problems in your environmental compliance program

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Get real-time visibility into compliance health with powerful dashboards and reports

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Corrective Actions

Instantly generate, assign, and track corrective actions for complete compliance integrity

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