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Centralize your SPCC inspections, tasks and actions

Keep facilities on track with a proven, trusted digital workflow

SPCC Plan on site dashboard

Easily capture and track inspections and required SPCC documentation

Create site maps without the need for technical support. Update within minutes instead of hours using intuitive drag and drop features.

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Create and assign corrective actions and tasks in the field

Never let hazards go unnoticed or unresolved. Empower teams to quickly create and delegate SPCC tasks or corrective actions to users directly from their inspection forms.

Trigger real-time alerts and reminders
Get real-time task tracking of upcoming or overdue tasks
Flag issues and correct them quickly and proactively

Link SPCC sources from your map to inspection forms

Minimizing the risk of error in your inspections and records by linking the location of SPCC areas in inspections directly to your digital site maps.

Provide more clarity and direction to on-site staff
Use maps as a training tool for new team members
Use maps for SPCC plan submittals

Centrally track and monitor SPCC compliance

Use our pre-configured analytics dashboards to analyze the performance your of SPCC compliance program in real-time. Identify trends and insights to drive continuous improvements.

Monitor completed/outstanding inspections
See how many corrective actions/tasks were created
Measure how long it takes to resolve issues
Analyze and act on overdue inspections and tasks

Leverage centralized recordkeeping

One of the biggest ways compliance programs fall short is failed recordkeeping. Mapistry keeps everything in one place – from SPCC plans, amendment documentation, inspection/audit trails, etc.

Centrally create and manage your SPCC plans
Automatically backup the latest SPCC plans/amendments
Schedule recurring tasks for required training
Set tasks for SPCC 5-year reviews
See it in Action

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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