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Mapistry offers online industrial environmental compliance courses

When it comes to ensuring environmental compliance, most industrial manufacturing leaders understand that education and training are not a luxury — they are a necessity. Staff training is not only a regulatory requirement under stormwater, SPCC, and hazardous materials environmental compliance provisions, but it’s an indispensable method to reducing risk. By generating awareness of the regulatory requirement and proper standards and protocols for running a healthy industrial environmental compliance program, manufacturers dramatically reduce the risk of being penalized, fined, or sued for a minor or major environmental infraction.

Mapistry makes it simple to meet the education demands required under  industrial environmental compliance permits. We’ve developed a state of the art training curriculum to deliver mandatory environmental compliance training for industrial manufacturer’s in a digital format that’s modern, compelling, engaging, and fun.

Deliver a contemporary learning experience


Mapistry provides the flexibility and convenience to learn when and where you want — staff can take courses at their own pace, learning speed, and style and in line with their own schedule.


Deliver training in a contemporary audio, visual, and interactive format that appeals to all types of learners (not just traditional/classroom learners).


Courses are accessible on-demand anytime — learners can leave the course and finish anytime. They can also go back, retake, follow-up, and refresh their learning throughout the year.


Centrally distribute and track mandatory environmental compliance training across all of your facility’s with ease — ensure quality standards, protocols, and policy become universal.

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