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Safety Benchmarking in the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry

The NRMCA's Safety Benchmarking Report is out! Check out key metrics & see how your workplace safety stacks up in the ready-mix industry.

With the results of the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association’s annual safety survey released, it’s time for ready-mix businesses to see how they stack up! The full report is available for NRMCA members to download now, but we’ve compiled some key takeaways for health and safety benchmarking in the ready-mix industry below.

What is the Safety Benchmarking Survey Report?

Each year, the NRMCA surveys its member companies based on information from their annual OSHA 300A summary logs. This report was based on responses from over 70 member companies and includes 14-year averages from responses dating back to 2007.

Overall Safety Trends

The Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) will show you the average number of work-related injuries and/or illnesses that are experienced by employees each year, while the Severity Rate (SR) measures how serious these incidents are by showing the average number of lost days per incident. As the industry continues to prioritize the safety and health of employees with continuous training and education, you can see a steady trend in both the number of incidents and the average severity.

chart comparing incident occurrence (per 100 workers) vs Lost Days (per incident)

Data gathered from the 2022 NRMCA safety survey

Additional Safety Metrics

There are other reported metrics that can give you deeper insights into these overall safety trends.
  • Days away from work injury/illness incident rate (DAFWII): The number of incidents* that result in days away from work
  • Lost workdays injury/illness incident rate (LWDII): The number of work days* lost or restricted due to injury/illness
  • Medical case incident rate (MCIR): The number of incidents* that result in employees seeking professional medical treatment and having no missed workdays or restricted duty days

Chart showing trends for DAFWII, LWDII, and MCIR metrics since 2007

*per 100 employees

Data gathered from the 2022 NRMCA safety survey

Safety & Health Regulatory Enforcement

While the amount and severity of incidents remain steady, the concern for OSHA citations and other types of enforcement remains high (second only to environmental compliance). The NRMCA has also released their annual Regulatory Enforcement Survey Report, which you can read more about here. In this report, you’ll get visibility into the cost of non-compliance across all regulatory areas within the ready-mix concrete industry.

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All data from this article was collected from the 2022 NRMCA Safety Benchmarking Survey report. To get deeper insights into the report, NRMCA members can read the full report here .

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