2021 Review: Embracing the Details, Community, and Innovation in EHS Software

The shift to digital was embraced in 2021, with growing momentum going into 2022, look at how Mapistry’s year shaped up as a leader in EHS software.

In 2021, many EHS professionals dropped their pencil and paper and embraced the chance to go digital. The year saw an increase in EHS legislation and regulation and corporate recognition of the need to adopt more sustainable practices. As we look towards 2022, the momentum around EHS professionals in heavy industry making intelligent decisions to drive accountability in the field, reduce operating costs, and minimize risk isn’t slowing down.  Looking back, here’s what shaped our year, providing modern manufacturers with smarter, faster, and easier environmental compliance solutions in 2021:

The details

Product innovation is a top priority for our entire team as we look to meet and exceed the growing demands of the manufacturing industry. In February, toassist in eliminating paper and further enabling the ease and simplicity of completing inspections, we launched our new mobile app . The primary upgrades were task creation – including subtasks and ad-hoc tasks to support corrective actions – a site-specific dashboard with a compliance calendar to organize inspections, and improved speed, navigability, and offline capabilities. With the shift to digital, the mobile capabilities to complete inspection reports – and in an offline mode that uploads as soon as re-connected to Wi-Fi – the concept of ‘now’ and ‘see it, do something about it,’ was at everyone’s fingertips. This allowed the field teams to quickly access accurate data, mitigate the risk of compliance gaps, and have tracked clear proof of the efforts directly in the app when time for inspections.  This complex process of inspections, reporting issues, ensuring corrections were made was streamlined with the mobile app, increasing visibility and improving communication throughout the company.  In June, the move toward software to drive EHS performance was at the cusp of EHS compliance operations growing, which saw data reporting and risk management turn into massive time investments for staff. In addition, the error-prone, slow process created risky situations, leaving companies vulnerable.

So, we found a way to help In 2021, we helped 2,059 facilities manage compliance. That’s 53,621 inspections completed this year with the use of Mapistry. These companies all reduced time and costs, made real-time decisions and eliminated data silos and an untimely backlog of to-dos and information transfer from the field to the corporate level.

Here’s an overview of the new features in the new analytics platform release:
      • Regulatory Dashboards – Create pre-defined consistency across all of your facility locations and support regulatory compliance for stormwater, hazardous materials, SPCC, wastewater, and air compliance

      • Task Intelligence – Track progress on assigned tasks, corrective actions, or projects; track task volume, status, or completion rates; identify productivity lags, performance gaps, and understand resource limitations

      • Interactive Dashboards – Analyze through layered drill-downs; tap into advanced filters to analyze project details; identify trends and proactively make improvements 

      • Schedule Dashboard Delivery – Easily share dashboards with internal stakeholders with customizable scheduling 

      • Embedded Mapping Feature – Visualize data across specific sites, states, or regions 

      • Automated Alerts – Create configurable triggers when specific conditions are met (exceeding permit limits, trending below company KPIs, missing mandatory inspections, etc.) 

      • Inspections – Track the performance of mandatory site inspections across your facilities and regulatory areas; evaluate results by type of inspection, site location, status, or tag; ensure your sites are completing inspections on-time; establish and track company-wide KPIs

The EHS Community

Coming together and having thoughtful discussions with the EHS community shapes and motivates the entire Mapistry team. In 2021, we hosted 32 webinars with more than 2,000 of you tuning in.

Some of our most popular conversations include:

Our team also got the chance to meet you (physically and digitally). We were honored to have Maya Colato, VP of Customer Experience, speak on The Journey to Building a Successful Customer Advisory Board in the Enterprise at SaaStr Annual 2021.  Mapistry co-founder Ryan Janoch presented at Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association (TACA) Environmental & Sustainability Seminar on What It Means to Be Audit Ready in a Post-COVID World, as well as at NRMCA Concrete Works 2021 on The Financial Factors of Environmental & Safety .


In November, we hosted our annual EHS&S Summit bringing together Environmental, Safety, and Sustainability leaders for two days. Amazing speakers from leading companies, such as Tesla, Calportland, Graniterock, and Global Medical Response, covered topics such as the environmental regulatory landscape under the Biden Administration, digitalization and operationalization of ESH, becoming data driven, EHS Lawsuits & penalties, look forward at ESG disclosure, and more across 12 impactful sessions

Innovative Advancements

    The SEAL Awards is an honor we received to close off our year. With the growth and investment in environmental, sustainability, and safety leadership – the dedicated effort to learn and grow with all of you and to be recognized for visionary leadership has us humbled. Each year, the SEAL Awards recognize (a) the 50 Most Sustainable Companies in the World and (b) the most impactful and innovative Environmental Initiatives. We were one of 22 companies recognized for the SEAL Sustainable Product Award that honors innovative and impactful products that are literally “purpose-built” for a sustainable future.

As we look forward to 2022, we’re determined to continue engaging in our community. We’re committed to listening and providing innovative solutions to help EHS professionals and their companies reduce costs, mitigate risks, and look forward to a more sustainable future. A few things coming up in 2022 that we are really excited about:

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