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Waste Management

Centralize environmental and safety compliance, reduce operating costs

Breakdown silos across locations — from landfills to transfer stations

Don’t risk compliance gaps getting lost in paperwork or email. Ensure compliance by centralizing all your EHS data, deadlines and processes in one location — from water permits, to sampling results, hazardous waste, SPCC, OSHA, and more.

Schedule inspections, track action items and completions
Real-time status dashboards — spot problems, react quickly
Unlimited records retention in the cloud
Hold teams accountable and quickly see results
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Drive accountability and save staff time by going paperless

Have confidence that compliance is being done. Empower staff to complete inspections, tasks and reporting from an easy-to-use mobile app that syncs in real-time to site-levels compliance dashboards.

Gain access to the latest documentaiton anytime, anywhere
Get 100% offline functionality
Perform inspections, capture photos, annotate notes with a few clicks
Automatically generate and share reports

Avoid risk and make data-driven decisions

Eliminate time wasted hunting for environmental or safety deficiencies, monitor your compliance status in real-time and be notified proactively if there is a problem.

Ready-to-go dashboards for stormwater, groundwater, basin tracking
Get alerted when lab results exceed regulatory limits
Reduce the risk of compliance gaps, lawsuits and fines
Resolve overdue or outstanding issues immediately

Connect and collaborate more effectively around compliance

Streamline communication with triggered alerts and notifications. Empower better alignment and cross-team collaboration with site-level dashboards to organize, assign, and remind.

View completion status in real-time
Trigger follow-up tasks and notifications
Perform inspections, capture photos, annotate notes with a few clicks
See it in Action

Mapistry has allowed us to see the ‘big picture’ and ensure the development and timely execution of safety and compliance plans, track the renewal of environmental licenses and permits, and ultimately, hold local management accountable as stewards of the environment and their community.

– Mark Peabody, Vice President, Human Resources, U.S. Concrete

Top compliance areas managed in the
Waste Industry


Centrally manage all your water data and requirements


Streamline SPCC inspections, tasks and actions


Monitor, manage and track waste compliance


Digitize hazardous materials and chemical management


End-to-end EHS compliance at your facility

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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