Water Compliance Management

Simplifying water operations for the Building Materials Industry

Keep up with complex water regulations

Water is integral to operation and production in the Building Materials Industry. Whether it’s stormwater pollution prevention, wastewater disposal, or groundwater extraction, there are numerous water regulations for Environmental Managers to keep straight. Making this more challenging is that each facility has a unique set of requirements to keep track of including different inspection frequencies, sampling requirements, numeric benchmarks, and action levels — all based on location and activity type. 

With all of these requirements, it’s tough for managers to know if each facility is doing what is required by their specific permit conditions and it’s even more difficult to know if they have any compliance gaps. Luckily, environmental experts designed Mapisty with this problem in mind. Our easy-to-use software platform is specifically tailored to automate the challenges and complexity of managing each state’s specific water permit requirements. Using site-level dashboards, managers can quickly and monitor, manage, and track the performance of their facilities against specific water permit requirements with ease.

Analyze water compliance performance

Get 24/7, real-time visibility into compliance health, spot trends and take action on the results.

Intuitive site-level dashboards

Bring all your water permit requirements together in one location — from inspection frequencies to sampling and reporting mandates. 

Centralized record-keeping

Create a powerful audit trail with a built-in records library for all your critical compliance documents and data.

Stay on top of inspection and monitoring requirements

Use an intuitive site-specific dashboard to easily keep track of all your water requirements from one location. From inspection frequencies to sampling requirements, Mapistry’s site dashboards are specifically tailored to match your unique facility permit requirements for water compliance. We also provide in-app and email reminders to ensure that critical deadlines for visual observations, sampling, and reporting requirements are never missed. Plus, our built-in weather forecast keeps your sampling team members informed about upcoming rain events at their facility. 

Automate data entry and notifications

Turning your lab data into useful information can be tedious and oftentimes requires technical expertise to interpret the results and understand risk levels. Luckily, Mapistry addresses this problem by digitizing the lab handoff process and automating result analysis. With a few simple clicks, you can upload your lab’s electronic data deliverable (EDD) into the Mapistry platform and our lab analysis engine quickly analyzes benchmarks and effluent limits against your permit conditions. We’ll alert you instantly if any warning signs or exceedances are detected.

Loading lab data has never been easier

Easily find key documents and reports

No more searching for files or digging through stacks of papers with Mapistry, everything is in one place. Our powerful records library automatically stores all of your required compliance data and documentation from inspections, to tasks, samples, and reports. By centralizing access to all your files, Mapistry helps you stay compliant with records retention requirements and ensures that corporate teams and field workers have real-time access to the most up-to-date data. Additionally, Mapistry even centrally retains the latest versions of your site maps, an essential part of compliance, so they are always ready to be referenced during an audit.

Are your records under control? Mapistry can help

See trends across locations

Using Mapistry’s analytics dashboard, you can easily track and analyze the performance of your water compliance program. Whether it’s making sure that mandatory inspections and corrective actions are completed on time or ensuring that water samples are captured and analyzed, empower your team with an intuitive dashboard to monitor compliance performance across all your site locations and all your data — from inspections to laboratory samples, exceedances, tasks, and corrective actions. With actionable data at their fingertips, Mapistry makes it easy to spot compliance trends or gaps. Additionally, your team can use real-time data to prioritize resources and respond proactively to sampling results.

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