Air Emission Monitoring

Solvent Cleaning & Surface Coating Operations

Automate emissions monitoring calculations

Solvent use and surface coating operations are common sources of air emissions that are regulated under air permits at industrial facilities. From paint spray booths to wipe cleaning activities, you might need to monitor your usage of each specific material and use that data to calculate the associated air emissions. For example, you may need to calculate emissions data by things like type of application, type of material, chemical components of the material, or priority pollutants like VOCs. You may need to track those items both in gallons and in pounds, as sums or averages, and compare the emissions to limits that are based on calendar periods (monthly or annually) or rolling periods (12-month rolling) or sometimes both!

Mapistry’s air emission tracking software eliminates the need for complicated messy spreadsheets that are prone to potential errors in calculations and formula typos. On Mapistry, you’ll be able to set up your calculations intuitively so you can feel confident in the accuracy of your calculations. Plus, you’ll be able to see in real time how your site is doing with respect to various limits, giving you time to adjust processes prior to an exceedance.

Automate air emission calculations

Mitigate risk by removing complex and error-prone manual calculations and unit conversions. 

Real-time alerts

Spot permit exceedances and compliance gaps before they negatively impact operations.

Unlimited data visualizations

Save custom charts and calculations that meet all your reporting needs (by material type, chemical component, pollutant, etc.).

Run real-time calculations

Log material usage real-time in the field and see your calculations & limit trackers update immediately! You’ll receive notifications is you approach a limit or exceed a limit.

Avoid miscalculations

Keep track of usage rates in the field in the unit that makes the most sense, and let the software take care of your unit conversions so you can report your data in the correct units. Convert values from one unit to another compatible unit easily to meet all your reporting and tracking requirements. With visibility into exactly which components are being included in each calculation, you can feel confident that your data is accurate and can easily identify and correct potential errors.

Reliable environmental reporting

Conduct calculations to meet all your reporting needs (by material type, chemical component, pollutant, etc). Save custom views that track your emissions by permit requirement so you know what you’re tracking and why. When it comes time for reporting, save a view with the exact information you need to bring into your report so you know exactly where to go to get the data you need!

Conveniently customizable setup

The set-up is customizable so it will fit your site and your workflow. Once in Mapistry, you’re able to set up unlimited data visualizations in your dashboard so you can keep track of the things you care about and get insight on trends over time! 

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