Site Map Management

Simplifying site mapping for the building materials industry

Keep maps accurate and current

Building material facilities are complex and constantly changing; whether it’s a 1,000+ acre quarry or a 15-acre ready mix site, keeping maps current can be a demanding task. Historically mapping has been viewed as a specialized skill held within a CAD or GIS department.  The back-and-forth between groups can slow down necessary map updates.  Mapistry is on a mission to put control back in the hands of environmental managers, giving them the ability to edit, update, and create new maps. Our building material customers appreciate the integration of drone imagery, the ability to attach photos and documents to mapped features, and the ease with which they can make updates and have new maps ready.

Inuitive map annotation

Keep maps current, accurate, and compliant with intelligent drag-and-drop features.

Drone imagery integration

Integrate up-to-date drone imagery into site map management for quick and easy compliance assessment.

Customizable record-keeping

Load and share important details along with site images to track all relevant information in one accessible location.

Easily update maps with drag and drop tools

Up-to-date maps are an essential component of compliance, with some state permits requiring the submission of new maps when there are changes in the facility layout. Outdated maps can create frustration, confusion, or could lead to potential violations. It’s particularly challenging when team members are looking at the wrong information! With Mapistry, keeping an up-to-date and accurate record of facility maps is a breeze. Staff can use our intuitive annotation tools to precisely and accurately mark and update key elements of their pollution prevention plans and BMPs. This includes discharge locations, potential pollutant sources, equipment/storage areas, spill kits, fire extinguishers, and more. Site map management has never been easier.

site map management
Mapping Drone
Site Map Management

Use current drone imagery

Drone usage is widespread in the building materials industry for capturing stockpile volume and current imagery.  Mapistry easily integrates drone imagery with our site map management capabilities to empower Environmental Managers to use that same imagery to support environmental and safety compliance. Additionally, users can load their own aerial imagery on the fly to ensure maximum accuracy of their compliance records. Ultimately, the imagery and topography captured from drones enable EHS managers to update maps and analyze for compliance decisions instead of spending hours capturing current equipment locations, industrial activity boundaries, and site conditions.

Listen here to Adam Rice of Kespry discuss how to leverage drones for data capture, inspections, and imagery analysis.

Discover how this concrete manufacturer uses drones to simplify compliance

Share info quickly with embedded data and photos

Mapisty’s intelligent mapping goes beyond just maps and lets users incorporate details and photos with mapped features. For example, our Building Material customers appreciate the ability to integrate photos for site features such as tanks, emissions sources, and sampling locations. Users can also create new attributes on layers to record and track relevant information about the features (e.g.,  installation dates, containment volume, emission limits, etc…). 

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Site Map Management

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