Hazardous Waste Inspections and Management

Capture and track compliance with confidence

Create a full-picture view of hazardous waste compliance

Many industries generate hazardous waste. Basic hazardous waste management standards for generators are established by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act – or RCRA – and can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR part 262). States may have additional or more stringent requirements. 

One requirement established by the CFR is for large quantity generators (LQG) and small quantity generators (SQG) to perform weekly inspections to check for leaks and deterioration caused by corrosion or other factors. Hazardous waste tanks are required to be inspected daily by LQGs while SQGs may be required to perform tank inspections weekly-daily. These routine inspections play a critical role in your compliance program for hazardous waste management to ensure hazardous waste is appropriately identified and handled safely. 

Mapistry’s hazardous waste inspection software is a centralized platform. It allows facilities to:

  • complete required inspections
  • create & assign tasks or corrective actions to respond to inspection findings
  • create maps and add other important details for hazardous waste areas

Mapistry’s analytics gives you easy visibility into your performance, providing useful insights and helping to identify potential areas to improve and strengthen your program.

Real-time access to inspections in the field

Access inspections and need-to-know compliance information in the field from Mapistry’s convenient mobile app.

Simple site-wide task management

Mapistry’s task management dashboard encourages accountability by allowing users to create and assign tasks and corrective actions immediately.

Link hazardous waste areas to maps and more

Directly link hazardous waste inspection forms with corresponding maps and keep site chemical management plans up-to-date.

Complete inspections & required documentation from anywhere

Conduct and log your hazardous waste inspections in real-time from any device, anywhere. Mapistry’s mobile app gives you access to required information to perform timely inspections from the office or in the field, and allows you to store your records for convenient bulk download at any time.

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Assign and track corrective actions and tasks in real-time

Tasks and corrective actions needed based on findings from inspections can be created directly in the Mapistry form. Assigning tasks with email notifications, a due date, and additional details ensures nothing is accidentally forgotten. Mitigate risks by catching and addressing small issues quickly and easily and keeping everyone accountable.

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Hazardous Waste Inspections
Hazardous Waste Inspections

Link hazardous waste areas to inspection forms, site maps, and chemical inventory

Hazardous waste areas in inspection forms are connected directly to corresponding maps in the Mapistry platform which simplifies updates. Share your maps with new team members to familiarize them with your facility. You can also display your hazardous waste areas in maps you use for chemical management plan submittals and even add quantities and chemical attributes of your hazardous waste for your inventory. 

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Access valuable analytics and track improvements

Mapistry’s analytics dashboards provide useful insights that help to identify potential areas to improve and continue to strengthen your program. At a glance, see how many corrective actions/tasks have been created in response to inspection findings, and how long it takes to complete them. This intuitive data helps you set goals and make improvements in real-time.

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