Air Compliance Management

Streamline air emissions data and compliance management for Building Materials

Real-time tracking of all Air Permit activities

Monitoring and controlling air emissions is a critical part of building materials operations. Facilities are subject to state and local laws and regulations regarding fugitive dust and air emissions.

Maintaining air permit compliance can include:

  • Tracking production volumes
  • Conducting Method 22 inspections
  • Baghouse/dust collector inspections 
  • Routine regulatory reporting 

With Mapistry, building materials companies see the benefits of having all inspection and emissions data in one place, gaining immediate access to completed inspections, data, deviations, and corrective actions. By providing facilities with a centralized system to manage and track air compliance, Mapisty puts companies in control of their permits. Managers have real-time visibility into on-site compliance health and proactive corrections of dusting, baghouse breakthrough, and more, reducing the risk of environmental liabilities. 

Offline access to inspection forms and emissions monitoring

Keep a real-time pulse on air compliance through Mapistry’s extensive library of forms and offline access to inspections data.

Efficient production and emissions reporting

Quickly and easily convert tracked items into quantitive values for emissions reports with Mapistry’s intuitive Factors and Calculated Values tools.

Centralized workflow to consolidate record-keeping

Proactively track deviations, corrective actions, and completion rates of assigned tasks in one central location, ensuring accountability and compliance.

Efficiently meet permit conditions and speed up recordkeeping with visual emission monitoring

Regular emissions monitoring using Method 22 is a standard requirement for aggregate producers, cement plants, and ready mix facilities. Using the Mapistry app, staff can quickly and efficiently complete emission monitoring from the convenience of any iOS or Android device

Mapistry comes with an extensive library of forms for air compliance including, Method 22, visual emissions, baghouse/pressure drop, and more all of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Our easy-to-use platform facilitates real-time assets and inspection frequencies. From assessing the efficiency of sprayer bars on conveyors to haul road dusting, we have inspections to cover them all.
Don’t have reliable WiFi onsite or a cell signal at the edge of the quarry? No problem! Enabling “Offline Mode” in our mobile app lets you log the data offline and sync it back to your Mapistry dashboard when the internet is restored. Managers have immediate access to completed inspections without waiting for copies of paperwork to be delivered or scanned….or lost in the back of the pickup.

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Reduce reporting time and risks of non-compliance with production and emissions monitoring

Using Mapistry’s highly-configurable calculation tools, building materials producers can turn a facility’s production quantities, materials processed, operation hours, and fuel combustion into real-time emissions reports. Track production and operating hours against permit limits for daily use, monthly totals, or rolling calculations. With Mapistry’s Factors and Calculated Values tools, you can easily convert tracked items into reportable quantities of the facility’s criteria pollutants (PM, CO, NOx, CO2, VOC, HAP). Set limits for production quantities, hours, or criteria pollutants and receive automatic notifications when approaching or exceeding permit limits.

Visualize and analyze emissions against permit limits across sources and materials through Mapistry’s Air Suite dashboard.

Proactively track deviation and corrective actions to ensure accountability

Deviation occurs when a permit condition is not met. A deviation can arise from exceeding a limit to observing visual emission or a dust collector outside its pressure, and so on. When deviations occur, Mapisty users can record the deviation and conditions through the app. Deviations are easily queried and exportable from the Mapistry dashboard, streamlining your annual or semi-annual reporting. 

In addition, users can create and assign corrective actions while logging the deviations with Mapistry’s Centralized Workflow. Corrective action notifications are sent via email to assigned individuals. Managers can see deviations, corrective actions, and completion rates of corrective actions across the organization. The absence of these corrective actions is also an indicator of non-performance…a way to combat ”pencil whipping” those inspection forms.

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Reduce the environmental workload on operations and mitigate data gaps

Mapistry is a purpose-built compliance platform, pulling together all data streams to help building materials companies comprehensively manage facility air compliance. From inspection completion rates to daily emissions from production logs, these data streams are visible in real-time in Mapistry. 

Users report valuable time saving because of the centralized access to analytics, rather than searching for this information in multiple locations. Mapistry is uniquely built for on-site personnel to quickly complete inspections or logs in Mapistry and for the compliance manager and executives to spot compliance gaps before it’s too late.

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