Tuesday June 6th 11am PDT - Webinar with Storm Water Solutions

Inspections of Construction Sites, Post-Construction BMPS and Commercial/Industrial Sites as Part of a Municipal Storm Water Program

This webinar will focus on how municipal stormwater programs can more effectively inspect construction sites, post-construction BMPs, and commercial/industrial sites. Technical considerations will be discussed, including identifying, reducing, and eliminating illicit discharges and identifying problematic or missing BMPs on construction and industrial sites. In addition, training programs for municipal staff will be discussed to better equip both inspectors and regular employees to identify potential stormwater issues. For the sites themselves, this webinar will give them a better understanding of how to minimize potential violations and set themselves up for permit compliance.

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Tuesday June 13th 9am PDT - Webinar

California Industrial Stormwater Annual Reports with the Water Board

The July 15th deadline for California companies to file their annual reports under their Industrial General Permit (IGP) is fast approaching. Get the inside scoop from the California Water Board on annual reporting and tips on SMARTS. Join Mapistry's Ryan Janoch and the Water Board's Rebecca Greenwood as they dive into annual reports - tips, tricks, and new info. 

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Tuesday July 11th 9am PDT - Webinar

Stormwater Exceedances and ERA Level 2 with CA Water Board

July 1st in California marks the change from Level 1 to Level 2 for many companies (est over 1,000) under their Industrial General Permit (IGP). From Action Plans to Technical Reports and where a PE is needed versus a Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP), stay on top of the requirements by joining Mapistry and the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) for an intensive webinar on dealing with stormwater exceedances and Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Level 2 under the IGP.

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Tuesday July 25th 9am PDT - Webinar

Stormwater Exceedances and ERA Level 1 with CA Water Board

Uh - oh! So, you had a few exceedances in your stormwater samples this year. That sucks. Get the details on what you need to do next, where to go for info (I hope Mapistry) and the requirements for Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Level 1 and your Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP). This webinar with the CA Water Board and Mapistry will cover the process, timeline, and key critera for Level 1 facilities under the IGP.

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Thursday September 14th - Conference

The Only Industrial Stormwater Conference

Mapistry's inaugural summit is the only conference devoted to stormwater compliance at industrial and manufacturing facilities. This invite-only event will allow environmental managers and practitioners to learn from peers, regulators and experts. (No vendors or consultants here! sorry friendsPresenters at this year’s summit include EHS managers at Fortune 500 companies, local and national regulators, and top attorneys in the field. 

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Previous Mapistry Webinars

Mapistry regularly hosts webinars about industrial stormwater for industrial facilities and companies. As an industry leader, we partner with organizations like the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), the IFMA, C&T Labs and TestAmerica to provide the best information for industrial facilities, contractors, and consultants.

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