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Get back to production and operations faster without skipping EHS compliance

Improve plant performance, reduce compliance risk and save time

Ensure compliance without more work

Spend less time managing physical paper forms and checklists for routine site inspections and corrective actions, free up time to focus facility performance.

Easily complete compliance checks via mobile app
Data syncs in real-time to a site-level dashboard
Monitor results, identify gaps and resolve issues faster
Have confidence that compliance is being done
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Improve accuracy and timeliness of inspections and actions

Don’t let a hazard or compliance gap go unnoticed or unresolved. Bring inspections and tasks together in one location with built-in alerts and step-by-step guides to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

Correct problems as they arise — avoid costly corrections
Automate and remind your team of compliance priorities
Eliminate pencil-whipping — capture pictures & annotations instantly

Monitor performance in realtime

Empower your site to take back control over its compliance operations and actually validate that inspections and corrections are happening.

Drill down to analyze site-level results
Benchmark metrics against other sites
Monitor company wide performance

Drive collaboration, recognize and reward high achievers

By making regulatory information and site-level compliance dashboards accessible to everyone, teams are more motivated to collaborate, track changes, and hit goals.

Schedule and share performance dashboards
Recognize individuals going above and beyond
Set conditional alerts to track inspection/outcome goals

Mapistry is easy to use. The tracking system is simple and helps maintain compliance at our facilities. Documents, pictures can easily be uploaded on the software. Mapistry also helps minimize the use of consultants, thus saving us thousands of dollars.

– Site Operations Manager, National Waste Management Company

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Simplify inspections, observations, documentation, and reporting

Tasks & Actions

Ensure compliance never falls through the cracks

Site Dashboards

Communicate facility-centric requirements in easy-to-use dashboards

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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