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Finally, EHS software that
delivers results quickly

Bring actionable environmental and safety data and insights to your EHS strategy

Visualize and analyze company-wide EHS performance

Pre-built, ready-to-use analytics dashboards bring all your compliance data together in one location so you can effectively explore trends, identify gaps and resolve problems quickly.

Fast adoption and implementation
Get actionable insights via heat map, charts, and drill-downs
Filter and save custom views
Make intelligent compliance decisions when it matters most
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Create more proactive and accountable teams

Bring distributed teams together. Provide real-time visibility into site-level compliance requirements and status updates anywhere, anytime.

Mobile app syncs real-time inspection/task results from the field
Delegate, notify and remind staff of tasks and corrective actions
Easily monitor upcoming and overdue requirements
Drive 100% inspection completion rates, increase accountability

Prevent risk and enable better decision-making

Whether it’s trending below inspection benchmarks, exceeding permit limits, or critical corrective actions are overdue — get notified in real-time when problems arise and resolve issues proactively.

Trigger conditional alerts when performance drops or changes
Get notified when tasks or corrective actions are overdue
Set and get alerts if you are close to exceeding regulatory limits

I can sit in my home office and understand how my sites are doing around the country. You can be anywhere; you can have a distributed workforce and still identify your gaps.

– Robert McGehee, Director of Environment and Land, Lafarge

Easily prove to regulators that compliance is being done

Have a system of record in place to verify compliance with ease — instantly show that inspections are being completed and timely corrections and repairs are being made.

Charts and visualizations quickly indicate progress
Easily exportable dashboards/reports
Centralized recordkeeping

Popular features used by
EHS Leaders

Site Dashboards

Communicate facility-centric requirements in easy-to-use dashboards

Compliance Calendar

Centrally manage compliance schedules and frequencies

Analytics & Reporting

Pre-built dashboards and reports to drive EHS performance


Simplify inspections, observations, documentation, and reporting

Tasks & Actions

Ensure compliance never falls through the cracks


Centralize your environmental and safety data

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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