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Chemical Manufacturing

Mitigate the rising cost and complexity of EHS compliance

Simplify complex water, chemical, and hazwaste requirements

Don’t let a missed water assessment or hazmat inspection turn into a costly correction or compliance violation. Spot problems in real-time and resolve them faster with Mapistry’s centralized environmental compliance dashboards.

Centralized hub for tracking water, chemical and hazwaste compliance
Requirements are mapped to events with timelines, owners, alerts and reminders
Real-time visibility into completed, upcoming or outstanding actions
Digitize recordkeeping and chemical inventory management
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Get ahead of emerging contaminants, automatically detect water deficiencies

Chemical manufacturers need to stay ahead of emerging contaminants being regulated and risk impacts (PFAS, etc.). Mapistry digitizes and automates your growing chemical inventory and water sample results so you can detect quality deficiencies in real-time and resolve problems quickly.

Push water sample data into Mapistry effortlessly (bulk upload or via direct integration)
Automate water sample result analysis
Trigger alerts when pollutant parameters are approaching regulatory limits
Filter, drill down and track particular chemicals or capacities overtime

Know that compliance is being completed, drive accountability across locations

Build a verifiable record of compliance automatically! Staff in the field use Mapistry’s intuitive mobile app to perform inspections and complete corrective actions quickly and easily, data is synced to your reports and dashboards automatically — no additional work is needed.

Set and assign inspection schedules and reporting deadlines
Trigger reminders and status updates automatically
Charts and visualizations easily share progress
Verifiable report of inspection results including photos and annotations
See it in Action

Mapistry’s software is phenominal. It keeps us ahead of compliance gaps by providing user friendly dashboards and integrating directly with lab reports.

– Environmental User, Chemical Industry

Top compliance areas managed in the Chemical Industry


Digitize hazardous materials and chemical management


Centrally manage all your water data and requirements


Simplify air permit compliance, observations and reporting


Embrace digitization for proactive safety operations


Streamline SPCC inspections, tasks and actions


Monitor, manage and track waste compliance

Top features in the Chemical Industry

Site Dashboards

Centric requirements in easy-to-use dashboards

Analytics & Reporting

Pre-built dashboards and reports to drive EHS performance.


Simplify inspections, observations, documentation, and reporting

Tasks & Actions

Ensure compliance never falls through the cracks.

Data Capture & Analysis

Centrally track and analyze your EHS data with ease

Documents & Recordkeeping

Consolidate all your EHS records in one location

Create more proactive and accountable teams

Learn why the world’s leading industrial companies trust Mapistry to streamline EHS compliance

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