With Mapistry's software, you'll have all the tools to cost effectively manage your stormwater program. Even better, with your new digital program, the Mapistry team will continuously watch over your stormwater program to ensure you stay in compliance.

Online Stormwater Training

The best bang for your buck for your stormwater program is training. From making sure your entire facility knows the risks of non-compliance to teaching your stormwater team the ins and outs of pH meter calibration, Mapistry excels at keeping your company well trained. As a national leader in online training, Mapistry brings practical, robust stormwater training to thousands of environmental professionals and regular facility staff every year. 

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Industry-Leading Digital Training

Augment your in-person training with regular online training sessions, because once a year (or once a decade, wink-wink, for some companies) is never enough.


Learn New Best Practices

Keep on top of the latest trends in the industry and learn the best practices for your facility with Mapistry's online training platform. Dive into the details of pH meter calibration, or learn the BMPs that will best reduce zinc in your stormwater at times convenient for you.

Track and Verify Training

Your staff and colleagues have a lot to do each day and, unfortunately, training sessions get missed or skipped. With Mapistry, you can track training sessions and automatically receive alerts of missed sessions. In addition, you can verify training completion in the event of an audit or inspection.

No More Skipped Sessions

Training sessions online are tracked electronically and if sessions are not completed, managers can be notified. In addition, managers can examine training metrics and use pre- and post-training tests to assess their staff's learning.



Get online training sessions tailored to your site-specific needs or industry-wide concerns.

On Demand

We work with your chaotic schedule so that you can learn more about stormwater when you have the time and at your own speed.

Engaging Content

Mapistry took its stormwater expertise and an aversion to mindless talking heads to create rich, engaging lessons that probe students about their own site's stormwater issues.

Downloadable Results

Want to export attendee questions and answers? No problem. Need to report on who attended each training session? This is easy, too.

Get the weekly Stormwater Quick Read

There's only one thing we love more than stormwater compliance: Teaching stormwater compliance.

Once a week, we send out a snappy dispatch full to the brim with stormwater news, regulations, lawsuits (gulp!), and fun facts. No watered-down emails here. Just the good stuff.