With Mapistry's software, you'll have all the tools to cost effectively manage your stormwater program. Even better, with your new digital program, the Mapistry team will continuously watch over your stormwater program to ensure you stay in compliance.

Sample Analysis: Don't Go Over the Limits

Don't get fined or sued because your stormwater sampling results are over the benchmarks or limits. In many cases, sampling results do not get shared until it is too late to avoid million dollar problems. Sampling results can be complicated to understand and the calculations are easy to mess up.

With Mapistry, sampling results are calculated automatically, and you get alerts of potential exceedances. In addition, sampling data is easily reported to SMARTS and other state systems, minimizing or eliminating data entry.


Automatic Calculations

Upload your laboratory report into Mapistry or enter the sampling results in manually and Mapistry automatically calculates your averages based on your state-specific permit. Benchmarks and Numeric Action Levels (NALs) are built-in, and warnings are generated if there are exceedances.


Ditch the Excel File

Don't worry about sharing an Excel file or calculating the benchmarks yourself. With Mapistry, the calculations are automatic, so your entire team can see how sampling is going and when you need to pay more attention to your BMPs.

SMARTS Reporting 

Don't worry about filling out ad hoc reports with lots of sample results. Just upload the file from Mapistry software's and easily complete your ad hoc (sampling results) report in SMARTS.


Risk Analysis

Get instant alerts in Mapistry when you are trending over the Numeric Action Level (NAL) or benchmark.


Measure and record pH in the field and automatically link to your lab results for easy data export.

Hardness Calculations

Sampling for hardness-dependent metals? Just enter your receiving water's hardness and Mapistry calculates your benchmark.

Industry Specific

Select your industry, and you will automatically get the parameters you need and the benchmarks you are required to meet.

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