With Mapistry's software, you'll have all the tools to cost effectively manage your stormwater program. Even better, with your new digital program, the Mapistry team will continuously watch over your stormwater program to ensure you stay in compliance.

Rain Logs: A Safety Net

Although not usually a regulatory requirement, maintaining a rain log is a common industrial stormwater best management practice (BMP). But manually recording rainfall every time it rains can be quite cumbersome and very easy to forget.
With Mapistry, we make it easy and automatic.


Defend Your Facility Against Litigation and Fines

If you are one of the hundreds of facilities sued, fined, or reprimanded each year for not collecting enough stormwater samples, a rain log can really save your bacon!


A Verifiable Log

By having a verifiable log of storm durations, rainfall amounts, and discharge details (photos and written notes), facilities can demonstrate to lawyers and regulators that they actually are in compliance. This could potentially avoid $37,500 per day penalties! 

Automatic Rain Logging

Mapistry's software interfaces with publicly available rain gauges, all day, every day. When the gauge that is closest to your site registers rain, we automatically create a rain log entry, recording the storm duration and rainfall amount.

No More Forgetting

It is pretty easy to forget to make your rain log entries. Plus, you should really be recording the amount of rainfall, and tracking that down online is a hassle. With Mapistry, it's easy, and you won't need to remember. 


Add Your Own Details

A log of rainfall amounts and storm durations is a great place to start, but you can make your rain log an even better defender by adding details.


Is it only drizzling out there? Take a picture to prove it!

 Did You Sample?

Make it incredibly easy to see when you sampled and when you didn't by answering a yes/no question.

Written Notes

Add any written notes that you might need to reference later. Maybe it only discharged to one of your outfalls: your rain log is a great place to note this.

Add Localized Storms

What if the publicly available rain gauges are too far from your site and your site gets dumped on, but the rain gauge says no rain? No problem: you can manually add (or delete) any rain event.

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