With Mapistry's software, you'll have all the tools to cost effectively manage your stormwater program. Even better, with your new digital program, the Mapistry team will continuously watch over your stormwater program to ensure you stay in compliance.


Maps are a core component of any Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and as our name implies, maps are a big deal for us. We started Mapistry to make it easy for you to create and update maps and that remains a focus of our company today.

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Quickly Update Maps, Yourself

Tired of waiting for the CAD or GIS department to update your stormwater maps? Hate paying a consultant to make just one little edit? With Mapistry you don't have to put off making changes, you can make those changes yourself in just a few minutes.


Just what you need; no overkill here

Mapistry's mapping functionality is designed to be used by people who are not GIS experts. You don't even need to know what GIS is. With Mapistry, you just point and click, drag and drop. We keep things simple. No complicated functionality here— just exactly what you need. 

More than Just Stormwater

With such an amazing mapping tool, why would you limit yourself to stormwater maps? Spill plans (SPCC), evacuation routes, fire extinguisher locations, Haz Materials (HMBP) maps— go hog wild!

Reuse your work

There is no limit to the number of maps you can create. You draw it once and use it in many maps. This way, if you draw your site boundary for your stormwater map and you want to reuse that for your SPCC map, no problem!


Custom Styles

Easy-to-use selectors to change color, line width, opacity, and so on. Make your map more readable by varying styles.

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

With aerial imagery built in, it is easy to create maps. Need an outline of your building? No problem; just trace it out on top of the aerial imagery. 

GPS Points

Take your tablet or smartphone out on your site to GPS points that will be automatically added to the map.


Want a hard copy? No problem. Maps can be downloaded as a png file so you can use them any way you'd like.

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