With Mapistry's software, you'll have all the tools to cost effectively manage your stormwater program. Even better, with your new digital program, the Mapistry team will continuously watch over your stormwater program to ensure you stay in compliance.

Track Corrective Actions: Close the Loop

The deficiencies identified during site inspections need to get fixed before they cause bigger problems when it rains. By automating the communication about corrective actions, Mapistry keeps your team on the same page and closes the loop on problems, while freeing up your team up to take care of the harder stuff.

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Automatic Notifications

Get instant notification of inspection completion with the deficiencies found and the corrective actions needed. Your entire stormwater team knows in real time where to focus their efforts.

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Focus Your Efforts

Often times inspections get completed and filed away until the annual audit. Perhaps, deficiencies get mentioned in passing to colleagues. With Mapistry, the communication is automated, freeing you up to focus on fixing the problem and getting your colleagues to help instantly.

Track Outstanding Issues

Deficiencies are no longer put on the back burner or forgotten about. Mapistry's automated weekly email summarizes outstanding corrective actions by site, including how long they have gone unresolved. This allows the entire team to stay on top of issues and allows management to monitor multiple locations from afar.

Closing the Loop Before Bigger Issues

Priorities can change throughout the day: what was once an issue gets bumped down the list due to other problems arising. With a weekly summary of outstanding corrective actions, Mapistry makes it easy to "close the loop" on deficiencies— before sampling results are returned from the lab with exceedances.

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Completion Dates

Corrective actions stay open until their completion date is input to the system. Close the loop with detailed record keeping.


Mark corrective actions as done on the go from your mobile phone or tablet.


Find a deficiency? Take a photo to let your team know exactly what needs to be fixed.

Downloadable Forms

Want a hard copy? No problem. Any inspection can be downloaded in a professionally formatted PDF, including labeled photos.

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