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Mapistry removes the heavy burden and legal risk of industrial stormwater compliance off your shoulders — so you can focus on growing your core business. As your trusted advisor and partner, we help you strengthen your stormwater compliance program to better respond to changing regulatory needs and emerging legal risks as your business grows and the regulatory landscape evolves.

Compliance Management
SWPPP & Site Map Development/Updates

Preparing a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) is a crucial step towards obtaining industrial stormwater permit coverage. However, because requirements continue to grow in complexity, manufacturing companies are increasingly partnering with Mapistry to offload this responsibility onto our trusted team of experts. We have hands-on experience preparing, implementing and updating SWPPPs and mandatory sitemaps according to best-in-class standards. From initial assessments, site mapping, identifying pollutant sources all the way through establishing control measures, evaluating sample data and maintaining regular updates, Mapistry ensures manufacturers are complete and ready for regulatory scrutiny.

Monitoring & Sampling

Monitoring and sampling requirements are key components of any successful stormwater compliance program. They evaluate the effectiveness of your control measures and the overall performance of your stormwater management program. If handled incorrectly, however, this could be the reason you are not seeing positive results. Luckily, Mapistry offers complete monitoring and sampling services including discharge documentation based on the type of industry classification your facility falls under.

Best Management Practices (BMP) Evaluation & Design

Developing and implementing required control measures or best management practices (BMPs) is another requirement under stormwater permits. Mapistry is known for helping facilities excel in this area. We have extensive expertise and a real-world understanding of permit regulations and how manufacturers can best achieve compliance through a strong BMP program. We'll help you handle the planning, fieldwork, and procedure involved with BMP design, implementation, and updates to ensure success.

Laboratory & Data Management

Since handling the data and lab coordination required with every stormwater permit can be cumbersome, manufacturers frequently turn to Mapistry to simplify the entire process from start to finish. We’ll capture sample data, digitally prepare and submit results to the best lab for analysis. After completing your electronic data deliverables (EDD), Mapistry also manages the post-sample process of preparing sample reports and submitting them through state-mandated electronic reporting systems.

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Regulatory Reporting
Annual Report Preparation

Need help determining whether you're required to submit an annual report at the end of each fiscal year? Typically, this is the case with most stormwater permits, in which case, Mapistry can help! We offer services to quickly and expertly prepare your annual report by meticulously collecting and validating all the required data, documentation, and analysis. We’ll also ensure everything is properly formatted and submitted electronically to required reporting sites.

Annual Comprehensive Facility Compliance Evaluation

Mapistry experts complete top quality comprehensive site inspections for manufacturers. We'll check every box from start to finish including reviewing the condition of your control measures, evaluating pollutant sources, assessing trends from previous inspections and visual observations, and more. Ultimately, we fully document the process and prepare a thorough report that meets compliance standards to ensure you are covered.

Risk Mitigation & Litigation Support
Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Level 1 & 2

If the results of your annual stormwater compliance program have exceeded benchmark levels or have been reviewed and escalated to a riskier compliance tier (ex: Level 1 or 2) by the state, regional or even federal regulatory bodies, then you are likely starting to research your options. Unfortunately, when these situations occur, facilities are required to respond to stricter compliance standards including new monitoring, reporting, and procedural requirements. Navigating these specifications is challenging and the likelihood of error is high, this is why facilities partner with Mapistry to tackle the new demands — everything from ERA site evaluations, ERA Action Plans, BMP updates, and more. Our team has helped hundreds of facilities return to compliance as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Litigation Support

If the results of your annual stormwater compliance program have hit benchmark exceedance levels and have initiated a review by the state, regional or even federal regulatory body, then now is the time to start making enhancements to your program — everything from plans, recordkeeping, data management, procedure, and more. Don’t worry! Mapistry has helped hundreds of facilities quickly return to compliance and we can help transform your program into one that significantly impresses regulators.

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