The Roadmap to Smarter Industrial Stormwater BMPs

Environmental Excellence for Modern Manufacturers

With industrial stormwater compliance violations and sampling exceedances getting more frequent and complicated to handle, what steps should your facility be taking to strengthen your industrial stormwater program and overcome process gaps and deficiencies?

Download this webinar to discover the pivotal role creative thinking and planning around stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) can play in mitigating and preventing legal risk for leading industrial manufacturing companies. Also, explore the critical new ways BMP design, operational changes, and more ownership internally can enable environmental performance breakthroughs across your facilities.

During this webinar, you will learn the fundamentals for identifying, evaluating, and selecting Best Management Practices for industrial stormwater sites.

We’ll identify recent trends and developments, and their implications on environmental compliance in the manufacturing industry. Also, get simple steps and practical tips to revitalize the stormwater compliance performance with higher quality BMP standards and controls.

During this webinar learn:

    • Smarter methods to plan, select, and install stormwater compliance Best Management Practices (BMPs)
    • Discuss the technical aspects of BMP planning and design using mapping technology
    • Practical tips to avoid common risks and pitfalls in BMP design
    • How digital automation and recordkeeping minimize costs and complexity for monitoring BMP performance
  • Ryan Janoch Founder of Mapistry

    Ryan is the founder of Mapistry which provides stormwater services and online stormwater compliance software to industrial facilities. He is a California licensed professional engineer with nationwide experience in stormwater program compliance for hundreds of industrial sites, including ready-mix concrete plants, metal recyclers and bulk marine terminals. Ryan is a former member of the State of Virginia’s Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse Committee, which is responsible for establishing BMP pollutant removal efficiencies. He has a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in Biology and Geology from Tufts University.

  • Rebecca Greenwood SWRCB (Guest)

    Rebecca Greenwood is an Environmental Scientist with the State Water Resources Control Board, Industrial and Construction Stormwater Unit. She previously worked at the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) in the Stormwater Compliance and Enforcement Unit. Rebecca has a degree in Geology from Cal Poly Pomona.