The State of Stormwater Lawsuits in 2018 & Beyond

Is your industrial stormwater compliance program at risk?

Download our exclusive new litigation brief to prepare your organization for the next wave of compliance transformation.

Our new report analyzes the latest trends in stormwater litigation and provides critical insights to help prevent compliance violations from turning into multi-million dollar business liabilities.

This report examines:

  • Factors fueling the increase in citizen-initiated lawsuits
  • The geographic breakdown California’s most litigious regions
  • How data and technology is shaping the future of compliance
  • The top ways to reduce the risk of non-compliance

About Mapistry

Mapistry is a leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions for stormwater, Spill Prevention Countermeasure Control (SPCC), and hazardous materials. The company’s applications are being used to manage risk and drive efficiency and cost savings across facility locations enterprise-wide. By combining the power of modern technology and comprehensive services from our subject matter experts (SMEs), Mapistry is minimizing the costs and complexity of navigating today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape facing industrial manufacturing companies. Visit www.mapistry.com for more information.